Xiaomi Mi Populele 2 Offered For Just $85.99: An APP LED Bluetooth USB Smart Ukulele

A year ago Xiaomi released a smart little guitar from Xiaomi called Populele. The guitar connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and shows you how to play. This musical instrument works exactly with the same principle as if we playing Guitar Hero but with the Populele we have a classic, real sound and not from loudspeakers. Just a few days ago, the brand presents the Populele 2, a new version with a different physical format, totally renewing the product, and integrating 7 new actions and a series of new challenges to share with your friends.

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Xiaomi Populele 2

The new generation of Populele comes with even more smart features

The Xiaomi Mi Populele 2 comes with more similarities to the Guitar Hero game. With the device, one would be able to challenge friends and play their recordings. Classic wood was abandoned and replaced with two plastic versions with colors black or white. The same as the predecessor, it has LED lighting which highlights what we have to “grab”. And the whole device is powered by two AAA (LR3) batteries with a 1,5V volt

Xiaomi Populele 2

The Populele 2 includes a series of games that will allow you to challenge other users to a duel and see who is the best Ukulele player. With this application, you can also learn to play the instrument, and increase the level of difficulty to become a true expert.

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Like earlier said, Populele 2 is manufactured with the best materials, such as ABS plastic and high-performance circuits, to provide the user with premium quality, it also includes LED lights to indicate the way the instrument should be played and weighs about 800 grams, making it a lightweight and practical device to carry anywhere, the best is that it has wireless connection via Bluetooth 4.0, will be available in two color variants, black and white, these colors are unisex, allowing to adapt to any user regardless of gender or age.

Where Can I purchase The Xiaomi Populele 2 LED Bluetooth USB Smart Ukulele???

The Xiaomi Populele 2 LED Bluetooth USB Smart Ukulele can be purchased on Banggood for just $85.99 and has a free shipping option attached to it. While The Xiaomi Mi Populele APP LED Bluetooth USB Smart Ukulele can be purchased on Gearbest for just $78.99

Coupon Code 1 ($102.99): GB$98PLB on Gearbest



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