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The Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 released on April 5, 2017. It was almost the same as its predecessor. However, its hardware was enhanced reaching the industry standards. However, when this product was removed from the official site at the end of October 2017, many were thinking there will be no continuation to this product. Fortunately, later the manufacturer refused this news. Now we know the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 will launch on June 25. Moreover, we know almost everything concerning its key features. As for now, if you are waiting for this tablet, you can submit an arrival notice.

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The first improvement refers to the screen. The Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 comes with an 8-inch display. But as you guess it uses an 18:9 aspect ratio. So this tablet will be great in terms of single-hand operations. Apart from this, it is equipped with a Snapdragon 660 chip. The latter can be found on multiple super mid-range smartphones. So we know it is capable of providing smooth and stable performance. The memory options still remain unknown but we have heard this tablet will be packed with a 6000mAh battery.

Xiaomi Mi pad 4

One of the selling points of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is considered to be the smart game accelerator. Like the Huawei’s GPU Turbo it will make the gaming process smoother and more pleasant. So we can say Xiaomi wants to focus on the gaming capabilities of this tablet. At last, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 supports face unlocking as well as fingerprint recognition.

If taking into account all these features, we can state the Mi Pad 4 is a classic mid-ranger packed with mainstream features. However, there is a black horse – the game accelerator. So if the company follows the pricing policy run previously, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 can be considered as one of the most recommended Android-powered tablets.

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