Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition Review: The new edition with new features


Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company and the headquarter of the company is situated in Beijing. It has released its first smartphone in August 2011. It has expanded its business in Chinese markets rapidly and kicked a huge amount of profits through the phone as this was the expected technology by the customers which had made their life a little easier. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition is one of the cheaper version of all the notebooks invented till now by Xiaomi. It is a mobile workstation where windows 10 will be running along with i5 8th generation processor and the best part is it has a 2GB NVIDIA GeForce mobile graphics card.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition

Xiaomi is offering a huge range of notebooks with awesome features and it always comes up with new features and technology after its every new edition. Not only tablets and smartphones have mobility features but also a laptop or a notebook to be very precise in case of Xiaomi can be reliable for having mobility as it’s featured.

Coming to its specifications which is very mandatory before we ought to buy a product:



The design is the key element that helps any product to attract its customer that’s why every company tries that their product is having that key element that makes their product stand out in the market. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition is a notebook without the logo of its own company that is Xiaomi and the outer frame of the notebook is made up of metal.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition

The thickness of the notebook is 19.99mm which seems to be very slim. Other than the previous notebooks by Xiaomi this has a white look throughout the notebook and even the keypad is white and the keypad is made up of hyperbolic keycap so that fingers can fit there to work comfortably. Along with the keypad, it has two 3W speakers. The display of the screen is 15.6 inch and its sharpness is 1.5 times that of a 24-inch desktop. Minimum display ratio of the notebook is 16:9.



As every company tries to improve the techno. Of their product so that they can maintain their image in the market. The most interesting strength of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition is it comes with the i5 8th generation processor. Though there are many of the processor available in the market the company opts for this one as they were aware of the changing environment.


Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition

Well, the processor’s supporting is important so it has a DDR4 RAM and a GeForce MX110 graphics card. If you are going to compare this graphics card with the laptops of hardcore gamers then this card will definitely disappoint you because this notebook is not meant for gamers. Storage in this notebook is not as bad as you will have a 128GB SSD and a 1TB hard drive to count with. Working for more hours won’t make your notebook much hot because this notebook contains a cooling technology that is it has two fans and a double air outlet. This feature is carried out in every device of Xiaomi.

Key features of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition


Though each and every product has its own key features, the user needs to see that how this product is going to differentiate in the market.

  • 15.6” HD screen display with a narrow edge of 6.52mm thickness and this will give you an amazing surfing experience.
  •   Full-sized backlit keyboards will not cause any kind of spelling mistakes and even typing in the dark will be easier and even this will help in preventing eyesight.
  • Adopted advanced PCIe × 4 bus interface and 256GB PCIe NVMe high-speed SSD is 3 times faster than SATA SSD. One SSD slot is reserved to expand the capacity of the storage.
  • When you will compare the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition with the signal channel bandwidth than the bandwidth of the dual channel increases by 80%. And it comes with DDR4 24000MHz where memory can expand up to 8GB.
  • The body of the metal is made up of metal and thickness of aluminum is around 25%. And even magnesium contributes its extracts in the skeleton of the laptop.
  • Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition, as the name suggests youth consider speakers as very important so this notebook has Harman Infinity Customized loudspeaker which starts from the lowest frequency to the highest frequency. The Dolby Atmos feature helps you to feel like cinema audio effect while you wear your headphones and you will start feeling like you are present in the scene itself and experience the pleasant quality of the sound.


CPU processor

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition

  • CPU Model: i5-8250U, CPU Cores: Quad Core, Frequency: 3.4GHz (Max), Threading: 8, and Caching(M): 6MB
  • Graphics Card-As already mentioned Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition not really meant for gamers. Type of the graphics card is discrete.
  • Video Output: Nowadays every gadget has the ability to perform various tasks simultaneously so Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition has covered the feature called Eyefinity and has dual 4k video play. That is the reason it can be connected to two 4k display screens. As mentioned the display of the screen is full HD and displayed separately in three different screens. When it comes to digital connections then Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition supports digital audio and video output when it is connected to TVs or display screens. This also supports the wired or wireless connection. Specifications of the output are:
    • USB C Output:

Resolution: 10Resolution: 1080P (Up to 60Hz); 4K Resolution (Up to 60Hz)

  • HDMI Output:

Resolution: 1080P (Up to 60Hz); 4K Resolution (Up to 60Hz)

 Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition


Advantages of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition


  1. This product has high design quality and build.
  2. The price of the product is affordable to a high extent. People who need more features in less amount can go for Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition
  3. Even if you are running out of your storage space in the notebook then its easy to install a second SSD(solid-state drive).
  4. It has high-quality speakers and whenever you plug your or headphones here. You can even experience fine sound quality where you can think to stand in the same scenario.
  5. It has a discrete GPU where the graphics card is a stand-alone graphics card which is plugged into a motherboard.
  6. The battery life of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition is perfect.
  7. It has a fine backlit keyboard and touchpad.
  8. When pointing towards an operating system then Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition plays well with LINUX operating system.
  9. It has a very good IPS display( in-plane switching display) which is a screen technology for LCDs.
  10. The battery life of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition is good because the battery charges quickly.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition

Disadvantages of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition

  1. This notebook ships with Chinese window 10 home.
  2. If you are running with many loads then the fans are too noisy.
  3. Poor gaming performance due to the less featured graphics card.
  4. No Sd card reader.
  5. It is not a touchscreen notebook so this feature should be developed soon for better customer reviews.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition

Some FAQs about Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition


1-How to adjust the battery of the notebook safely?

It has the battery calibration in the boot screen where you can just hit the F2 button after you power on the laptop and go to the bios option there you can on the feature and you won’t face the problem of low battery.


2-If your Windows 10 is entering towards sleep mode then how can you stop it?

If you are a power saver then definitely this feature is good for you. Whenever you close the lid of the notebook then it enters the sleep mode. This is really good for power saving as at least you won’t be running out of power when your laptop or notebook is in no use mode. If you are very impatient to get it into the working mode again then Windows 10 has a feature to disable the sleep mode in the settings where you can move to power and sleep option and disable the sleep mode.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition

3-Sometimes your notebooks or laptops get switch-off randomly, why does this happen?

It’s very obvious that if the load is more then it can not handle the load and it gets switch-off by itself.


4-Does this notebook has a warranty period?

Well, Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition has a reassurance of working perfectly. So this is not going to give you any kind of warranty period but some websites later may differ in warranty issues.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition

These are some of the questions when customers see the reviews of every product. Customers are the only one who can either destroy your profits or increase your profits so it’s really important to make a product customer-friendly. And as the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition has a lot of customer-friendly features so this will not dissatisfy the customer in any way.


Overall verdict:

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition is covering each and every features that a customer expects from a notebook. It is reliable, contains mobility factor, has adequate storage space, supports the digital display, and many more features that have been referred above.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition

Let me get you a big announcement that Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition is the most comprehensive national thin notebook. And all its devices are continuing with logo-free deployments.

Suppose you develop a software and your software is able to support a lot of users at a time. But somewhere a point comes that when the software has many users at a time. And they are landing and surfing on the same page then the software can not really work and support the load like this is an issue happened with Flipkart. Which is a leading company these days and it had user crash issues due to overloaded users while a sale was going on. So, every time you cant rely upon the feature of the gadgets but sometimes you need to decrease your impatience and work accordingly.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition’s package has a laptop, adaptor, UDB charging cable and a user manual. I guess this is not going to expand the package.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth edition

Where to buy?

This product is available in at just $998.03. And the rate is affordable if you want to buy a notebook with a lot of features.

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