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COUPON Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019 offered for $903.76

The Mac Book Killer

Initially, it might appear that Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019 is a blind copy, nonetheless, it is not. The latest notebook offers some amazing features, which you can find only in premium laptops. Especially for the price. Here, understand its features and evaluate almost all its benefits and drawbacks that can help you make your mind if you wanna buy this Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019



The body of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019 comes entirely made of metal. Due to this, at the stage of unpacking only, you can feel the high quality of the notebook. It is available in two colors to choose from silver and dark grey. The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019 is a prime example of minimalist design, and due to this, the latest notebook doesn’t boast any bright shades. Its robust design indicates the severe intentions of its user. Another feature of minimalism with the existence of just two colors, traced inside the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019 – the lack of inscriptions on the cover.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019

The control keys are pleasantly illuminated , enabling you to type text even in complete darkness, although the brightness level is not amenable to calibration. If you turn on the laptop, you can find its grille and built-in speakers. We will later discuss about their quality. Therefore, the first impression of these devices is exceptionally favorable. His facets are curved, which gives an enjoyable tactile sensation from interacting with it. A rather slim physique and its premium materials will be the unquestionable benefits of the model involved.


You can find all the necessary connectors and ports for a laptop stocked in Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019. On the left side, there’s space for USB Type-A ports, an audio jack and HDMI. On the right side, there’s two USB Type-C connectors and a cards reader for an SD-drive. Its presence, of course, delights the users.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019
Charging is carried out through the Type-C port. It’s nice that Xiaomi did not abandon other interfaces while adding a modern USB-C.

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The buttons on the keyboard are of the standard size. There are simply no extra keys. Nevertheless, a slider is situated above their field, by using which, for instance, you can smoothly adjust the volume. Attracts not merely their functionality, but with a brilliant performance as well. This is truly a premium segment. The control keys on the keypad are somewhat recessed into the case, which isn’t surprising. Pressing is naturally and easily . A small move enables you to type texts at a fast rate while avoiding typos.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019

The touchpad of the premium Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019 isn’t inferior compared to analogues. In the top corner of the latest notebook, you can find very important “fingerprint scanner”, which makes your notebook extra safe from any password theft.


The first impression of the screen is very positive. Pleases minimization of the framework, facilitating the perception of pictures for the display. The matrix in the shown device is manufactured by IPS technology. In the home, this shows an excellent result, because of its native 1920×1080 resolution. The picture is vibrant and bright.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019
At night, you can decrease the brightness to a comfortable figure for the eyes. Disappointment comes at times when the sun rays directly hit the screen. Glossy coating glare strongly. Indeed, a minus side of the piggy box features a laptop.

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We don’t want to say anything good or bad about the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019 sound system. Its just enough for a good surface laptop. It may fill a small room with music, but the location of the loudspeakers shall have a poor influence on something soft. Speakers find its place at the bottom of the notebook. This arrangement is nearly ubiquitous, but not everyone could easily get used to it.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019


If you are looking for a gaming laptop, we would suggest you to check out some more options. As basically the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019 is primarily made for office professionals. The device heart is powered by an Intel Core i5 8250U processor under the hood. It runs on four cores, so there will not be any issues with the speed of work. The laptop quickly boots up, instantly responds to commands, and the amount of RAM (8 or 16 gigabytes) ensures smoothness even though heavy multitasking.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019

Regarding games, you must note the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019 features the NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card. It is created for 2 gigabytes and is only partially meant for gaming . Modern games like GTA V can only run with moderate graphics configurations or with minimal resolution. Simpler games can go flawlessly, however, the actions from Rockstar isn’t considered the most resource-intensive.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019

The main obstacle for gamers and the reason behind us not recommending this notebook for gaming- a small amount of memory on the drive. 256 gigabytes is undoubtedly insufficient to store a significant number of video gaming files or the same online video documents in 4K quality. Nonetheless, it works as fast as possible, as befits a premium gadget.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019

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Beneath the hood of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019, there exists its comfortable 60 W * h non-removable battery. A significant extensive option, but the video in hi-def shall be able to watch only for 6 hours. In games, battery existence is even lower. But this does not mean that for Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15.6 should be ashamed, and it is not worth the money. Simply no, the indicator of the duration of his work is familiar absolutely. You just do not need to expect from him any spectacular accomplishments.


Indeed, the presented notebook can be called an icon of style in the relative line of similar devices from Xiaomi. After all, the design attracts undecided users who’ve weighed the pros and cons already. Its stylish case shall fulfil the expectations of almost any person. Usually, do not delude yourself concerning its gaming capabilities. The prefix Pro speaks of all about the bonus status of the device itself.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019 performance, of course, reaches a high level, however, not every gamer will be able to remain satisfied completely. It is an excellent device intended for the working of varied applications, including graphical design applications. With this, he’ll cope with the “cheers”. And the visible component shall make sure you the majority of the fastidious user.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019 PROS:

  • Fashionable design in a slim metallic case;
  • Decent “iron”, dealing with a number of tasks;
  • Price.
  • Modest storage volume;
  • Bright glare display screen and weak loudspeakers.

How to buy Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2019?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!



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