Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (13-inch) Best Price – $36 Off with Coupon!

History witnesses that the remarkable Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (13-inch) is way better than Apple MacBook Air in ever aspect. It has not only a stupendous price tag but also breathtaking hardware with promising battery life. Still, the price is around $925, had to swallow. But, what if you can get it for the lowest price on the market? What if you can get a discount of $36?

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (13-inch) – Is it worth buying?

Design & Appearance

Speaking the truth, Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (13-inch) is one of the lightest and slimness laptop on the market. Xiaomi has nailed it with dimensions 30.96 x 21.09 x 1.48 cm, which allows it to be 13% thinner and 11% compact than MacBook. Moreover, it can hang with us like smartphones due to the light weight of 1.280 kg.


Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air molds from a full metal chassis along with borax anodized process making it shimmer in the eyes. This time, Xiaomi kept the notebook neat and straightforward with no Mi logo on the laptop. The hood is completely plain along with those perfect curviness, further exaggerating its beauty. Even the color is uniform, and the screen thickness decreases when going up, appearing to be sleek.

Xiaomi Notebook Air

The port arrangement seems to be perfect, with much-needed spacing. The most noticeable difference between Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (13-inch) and other notebooks is the 3.5mm Audio jack placement at the mid. This seems simply brilliance from the Chinese manufacturer.

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However, on the left side, we observe the USB 3.0 port along a dedicated USB type-C port and mic at the end. Meanwhile, HDMI port, 3.5mm jack, and USB 3.0 port are situated on the right. It even has Bluetooth 4.1 and allows security via Xiaomi Mi Band.

Xiaomi Notebook 7

On the rear, the notebook is intelligently schemed with those ventilations to keep the heating effect minimum. There are five rubber mats, coolers on each side and two AKG custom speakers. With those dedicated speakers, the laptop has a superb sound quality.

Xiaomi Notebook 16

At last is the full-sized keyboard of Mi Notebook, with enough spacing between the buttons and effortless button press. It is worth noticing that it also sports a white keyboard backlight.


Screen & Display

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (13-inch) has an OGS 13.3-inch display with Full-HD resolution. It’s a complete edge to edge glass coverage with 7H of toughness. Thankfully, we will not see those ugly protective rubbers on the frame. The screen is anti-glare and enriched with color contrast and brightness. In simple words, it’s fully laminated to minimize glare. Other features include 800:1 screen ratio, up to 300nit brightness, and 170-degree viewing angle.



Even the bezels around the screen are thin, 5.59mm only according the screen to body ratio to nearly 80.4%.

On the top, we can find the HD (720p) camera along stereo mic. Finally, we get to see the Mi logo at the bottom of the screen. That was a surprise, isn’t it?

Hardware & Performance

Do you think that Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (13-inch) is all about appearance? Well, think again because this hotshot here is all about performance with Intel Core i5-6200U processor, Skylake-U architecture 14nm, running at 2.3GHz, built in HD 520 chipset, 15W TDP. The speed is doubled with 8GB DDR4 RAM at 2133 MHz.

As it’s based on gaming, so NVIDIA Geforce GT940MX (1GB GDDR5 RAM, 384 CUDA units, Clock frequency 954 MHZ, boosted up to 993 MHZ, 1253 MHZ memory frequency) dedicated graphics have also been provided to run latest games in HD resolution on medium settings. Seriously, you can’t get UHD resolution with ultra settings as it’s a slim notebook and is under $1000.


Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (13-inch) uses PCIe×4 NVMe SSD, PM951 SSD with a storing capacity of 256GB. It has an average reading and writing speed of 1306.07MB/s and 261.28 MB/s, respectively. Thus, it takes only 2 seconds to awake from the sleep and get active. We know that 256 gigs are less, so Xiaomi has also given a solution to this by leaving an SDD expansion slot untouched. Moreover, it runs on Windows 10 (Chinese version), also English version but not activated.

 Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (13-inch)

At the end comes the battery of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (13-inch). The manufacturer claims that the battery can provide power for 8 hours on average use. But, that’s somewhat different as it can give us 9 hours of battery, but on power saving mode. On average use, it has a mediocre battery life of more than 5.5 hours. This drawback can be overcome by the fact that it takes only 30 minutes to top up the battery to 50%.

 Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (13-inch)

Pros & Cons


  • Matchless design
  • Dedicated speakers and graphics
  • Full-HD edge to edge screen
  • Exceptional ventilation
  • SSD expandable
  • Cheap


  • Mediocre battery life

Specification Sheet

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How to get $36 off on Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (13-inch)?

The original price of Xiaomi Mi Notebook air (13-inch) is $924.49 on Gearbest. But you can get $36 off by using the coupon code “XAIR13IV“. So the price after discount is $887.99. Here’s the link:



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