Keep Calm! The awe-inspiring Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Will Release Today

Finally! The anticipation seems to get a full stop as Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will officially step in the world today on October 25. Indeed, Xiaomi Mi 5S launch was a total failure, but we are damn sure that this release will not go in vein.


Diving into the details of the event, the official release will take place at the Peking University Gymnasium, today at 14:00. Here’s the official poster:

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

We were expecting Xiaomi Mi Note 2 for a long time, like one year, nine months and ten days have been passed since the first generation of Mi Note hit the market. But the wait was worth it, as Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will emphasize some incredible features that Xiaomi has never introduced in any of its smartphones.


Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will be Xiaomi’s best till date, as the hotshot will compete with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 regarding dual curved display and OLED technology, high screen proportion, Oblong shaped Home key but will retain the MI LOGO, along with the use of glass and a possible ceramic chassis.

Recent leaked images of Xiaomi Mi Note 2

The configuration will also be generous, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 processor as the heart of flagship along 6GB memory and 64/128 gigs of storage. The screen is said to be 5.7 inches, but a smaller version is also rumored over the internet. Even, we don’t know whether there will be a dual camera or not.

The prices will create history, as Xiaomi Note 2 to be Xiaomi’s most expensive smartphone with the top version expected to reach 4,000 yuan ($590). Xiaomi even did a lot of promotion and advertisement by hiring Tony Leung for the endorsements, appearances, and a lucky winner to capture the hearts of millions of Chinese.

The event will be broadcasted all over China. Will Xiaomi Mi Note 2 be worthy to sell for that much price? If there’s a flexible screen, dual camera or a 2K display, then the flagship is worth of that price tag. We just have to wait a little bit more. Stay tuned for more news related to the release!



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