Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Users Wonder Why LG Doesn’t Use Its Own Curved Screens?

The official poster of Samsung hints the next-gen Samsung Galaxy S8 will be a border-less device with a curved screen. The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is one of the most successful smartphones of the company. Thanks to a dual-curved screen it could win hearts of millions. There are other curved-screen handsets, and all of them are popular due to the same reason. So it’s quite curious why LG hasn’t pack its newly announced G6 flagship with such a display. If there are real problems related with these screens we have to be informed, because the Mi Note 2 uses these displays. We have tried to find out what is what, because probably the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone or one of its versions will have such a display. It’s supposed LG still remains as the only supplier of curved screen for the Chinese company. So what’s the problem the supplier doesn’t use its own components on its flagships?

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

This question has become actual due to two reasons. First, a few days back we have heard Xiaomi may switch to Samsung for curved displays. Today the LG G6 was displayed to large masses, and there was no curved displays. These two cases caused a huge stir among Mi fans. I guess other smartphone makers but Xiaomi are interested in it as well. So the Korean giant has had to lay its cards on the table. It turns out, the Korean manufacturer has held a few tests. And according to repeated tests it’s become known curved display handsets are not suitable for long time holding. Thus hands get tired the way faster when holding curved-screen phones than when handling flat-screen smartphones.

Other than that, LG also claims curved screens are fragile. However, this explanation is not satisfactory, because the company still uses outdated Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Users wonder why it doesn’t switch to higher versions of this technology.

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So we can conclude, LG doesn’t use its own-made curved screens in its flagships because this technology affects the usage duration. If think, there is a grain of truth.



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