Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Global Edition Coming with 37 Frequency Band Support!

The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is turning out to be a spectacular device in all aspects of the word. The Mi Note 2 had been revealed to feature a dual curved edge display made of flexible panel supplied by LG as well as a host of other stunning features. As if that is not enough, Xiaomi has revealed that the Mi Note 2 would feature a global edition which would support up to 37 network frequency bands both in China and even bands used by carriers overseas.

xiaomi mi note 2

This disclosure was made via a Weibo post by Xiaomi phone’s product marketing director who even could be noticed was using the Mi Note 2 to send the message. The Xiaomi official apparently was responding to a user who expressed his view that he hope the Mi Note 2 would come with support for US carriers’ LTE band  as only 3G is supported currently. The user @Zheng Jun made reference to some other Chinese phone makers like Huawei, OnePlus, ZUK whose smartphones now support US LTE band.

mi note 2

Xiaomi doesn’t officially sell its smartphones in the US but the user was talking from the point of view of Xiaomi phone’s users who have cause to travel to the US. Again, the revelation that there is going to be a global edition of the Mi Note 2 could only be an expression of Xiaomi’s intent to expand its sales drag net overseas, including the US.

Xiaomi mi note 2

Going further, the Mi Note 2 would support 6 analog, and 37 frequency bands including CDMA1x, EVDO, and a mold count. This list of supported frequency bands is huge compared to the Huawei P9 which supports 32 frequency bands while the Mate 8 supports around 33 bands. So if you’re a Xiaomi fan just know that you might be able to own the Mi Note 2 any where in the world and use it without need to unlock! Isn’t that amazing?



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