Xiaomi Mi Mix Hits the ‘Time’ Magazine along Donald Trump!

There’s no denying, Xiaomi Mi Mix is the world’s first edge-to-edge phone and the most beautiful smartphone defining the new era of going bezel-less. Mi Mix has conquered many titles, and that’s why the phone is worth of highlighting in any newspaper or a magazine.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Hits Time

Speaking of magazines, Xiaomi Mi Mix has been featured in ‘Time,’ recently which features USA’s new president Donald Trump on the front cover. Now whether you like or hate Donald Trump, but you surely going to like and respect Xiaomi Mi Mix Hitting The Time. “Time” was founded in 1923, is one of the three top US current affairs magazines and not only read by Americans but also around the globe.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Hits Time

Getting in the details, the phone is titled as ‘Starck phone makes big-screen debut’ with the ceramic body design further explained in the content. As the renowned French designer, Phillippe Starck fashioned the phone that’s why his on the heading meanwhile Xiaomi entrepreneur ‘Lei Jun’, who worked with Starck, has been mentioned once in the text. Plus, the phone is honored by the title ‘Revolutionary ceramic acoustic technology’.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Hits Time

We know that it’s just a warm-up from Xiaomi as this Mi Mix is only a concept phone. The real thing is yet to come and we only have to wait and watch.




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