The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Appears once again in live images with dual cameras

With each passing day, March 27 is nearing and so is the official launch day of the much awaited Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. We have seen so many leaks of the phone so far that it is now getting confusing to conclude the final design of the phone. But, from past few days, we have been getting some leaks that show a design similar to the iPhone X from the rear. There was a leak recently that hinted towards a vertical dual camera setup on the rear of the Mi Mix 2S and confirming that leak; today we have got some more hands-on images that show the same thing.

So, the phone looks exactly like the Mi Mix 2 from the front and the leaked firmware files have already revealed that the front camera is still present on the bottom bezel but looks like this time, it is placed at the center on the bottom bezel and no on the right side. The image above is kind of blurry that makes it hard to find the front camera.

The rear is where things change completely. There is a dual rear camera setup, but it is not placed in any unique fashion as the camera setup is placed just like on the iPhone X. There is a vertical dual camera setup with the LED flash placed between the two camera lenses. The fingerprint scanner is also present on the rear.

We all know that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S is going to be a unique phone from Xiaomi as the ‘Mix’ series includes uniquely designed phones from Xiaomi. So, we are still not sure that the images above are true. We still think that Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S will feature a different design than all the phones launching these days with notches and vertical camera setups.




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