Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Already Has TWRP Support For ROMS

If you do not want to have the ROM that your phone brings, one tool that you will need to change it is the TWRP. This is one of the best-known programs for personalized recovery in terminals that have Android. When we want to flash a custom ROM for a device we must have a personalized recovery. That’s why the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Moto Z Play and Moto E4 Plus devices already have TWRP support.

Team Win Recovery Project - TWRP support for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Team Win Recovery Project, probably better known as TWRP and the most popular custom recovery. The open source project facilitates the use of custom software, including custom ROMs, on compatible phones and tablets.

This support will help the modders who program ROMs for these phones. In this way, we know that we can install ROMs and flash Apps that we could not before. All the thanks to the fact that TWRP is now compatible with these models, so that the most tech-savvy will get the most out of their smartphone. In addition, it was also said that the brand of little-known tablets, Telekon, would have official support on their Telekom Plus device.

How your Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S could get the TWRP support?

Now the option to download and install third-party recovery mode is available on those devices. If you have any of these smartphones and wish to download TWRP, you can do so through the Play Store. We can also install it through ADB by our computer just connecting the phone to it.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S could get the TWRP support

These devices can now have ROMs personalized for help us to get even more fluidity in our Smartphone and install alternative applications to give the device more uses. No doubt this news will please many who want to have a pure Android experience in Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S and until now they could not. If you have another Xiaomi smartphone like this model, you will have to wait a bit to announce the official support.



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