Xiaomi Mi Magic cube: a multifunctional remote control that features a unique design

We all agree that the Asian company, Xiaomi, is one of the most extravagant when it comes to products, as it has no reservations when it comes to bringing innovation, regardless of the market, and in fact, this last mentioned is what stands out most among the followers of the brand, to such an extent that the Chinese manufacturer even sells smart toilet seats, this being the Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat, and although the most uninformed may think that this is not the only company that It sells this type of products, and therefore should not be so special among the competition, the truth is, it is, for a simple reason, which is that Xiaomi mainly is dedicated to the manufacture of Smartphones and among the closest that we could think would be their laptops, that is why a jump of this caliber manages to popularize it among people and to consecrate all the above said, the protagonist of this section illustrates in a glorious way the innovative and unique touch that both users love, that is why we will dedicate ourselves to know throughout this section the Xiaomi Mi Magic cube.

Xiaomi Mi Magic cube

Xiaomi Mi Magic cube: Box

The Xiaomi Mi Magic cube comes in a box with the following dimensions: 10cm x 5cm x 5cm and has a weight of: 0.1 kg, so we are dealing with a very light package, which should be quite affordable to move, Although the destination of delivery and the agency that we choose for it continue to play an important role in the final cost, on the other hand, inside the box we will find the following:

    • 1x Xiaomi Mi Magic cube
    • 1x CR2450 battery
  • 1x User’s manual

Xiaomi Mi Magic cube: Design

The Xiaomi Mi Magic cube comes with a design that literally borders on the adorable and this is due to its particular style, which illustrates a small cube that fits perfectly between our thumb and forefinger, apart from the fact that its weight is almost imperceptible. which translates these characteristics as a highly ergonomic device, since it will not cause even the slightest of inconveniences when it comes to moving it with us, in fact, it can simulate being a rather unusual ornament, although, by the nature of its manufacture could call the attention of the smallest of the house, a considerable detail that will make us stay alert and not by the fact that it can hurt them, on the contrary, it is they who can affect this small device, since the same in terms of resistance refers It is quite fragile, because it is built in plastic and therefore will be unprotected.

Xiaomi Mi Magic cube

Now going to the customization of the cube, it is available in 3 versions, blue, white and pink, 3 colors that simulate very soft tones, giving us the same sensations that we perceive when seeing the colors of the cakes, so once more we ratify its innate beauty as a key point at the time of its acquisition and is that we must admit that a pretty face also sells. Finally, we will appreciate the Xiaomi logo on the front, which is expressed in relief in a very subtle way, allowing it to continue to maintain its harmony intact.

Xiaomi Mi Magic cube

Xiaomi Mi Magic cube: Synchronization

The Xiaomi Mi Magic cube must be synchronized with the Xiaomi gateway, which is a device that acts as a gateway for all the equipment that will connect to each other and will take charge of the signal to the Smartphone that is connected at that moment and From that point we will focus on configuring the options that are relevant. It should be noted that the Xiamo Mi Magic cube is compatible with Android operating systems and their derivatives, in the same way with iOS, which opens up a range of options, although the only detail we perceive in all this is that without the Xiaomi gateway we will not be able to use this device, which would force us to acquire it if we do not have it.

Xiaomi Mi Magic cube

Xiaomi Mi Magic cube: Compatibility

The Xiaomi Mi Magic cube is compatible with a variety of devices and to be more exact, since we can not mention one by one because it would take us the rest of the day, we will include them in the following way, it can be synchronized with all the devices of Xiaomi and Mijia, such as Smart TVs, cameras, Speaker, sensors, light bulbs, connectors, among many, many more, so we should not worry about compatibility about the devices that we want to control wirelessly.

Xiaomi Mi Magic cube

Xiaomi Mi Magic cube: Performance

The Xiaomi Mi Magic cube has a quite peculiar operation, since technically speaking we are before a cube, which does not have any type of button that allows us to interact with its functions, but instead we have a distinctive performance, which is carried out through gestures that we will perform with our hands next to it, being a total of 6, which allows us to synchronize up to 6 devices simultaneously and therefore turn them on and off at will. Below we present all the available gestures for its use:

  • Shake
  • Rotate 90 degrees
  • Rotate 180 degrees
  • Rotate
  • Tapping
  • Push

Xiaomi Mi Magic cube

With these 6 gestures we will easily control the devices that we have subsequently annexed after the synchronization, we must emphasize that the response sensitivity of the cube is quite high, so once again we ratify the fact that it must be out of reach of children, since they can continuously turn on and off the devices linked to it, just by holding the cube inappropriately.

Xiaomi Mi Magic cube: Specification Table

Basic information
Name of the manufacturer Xiaomi
Product name Xiaomi Mi Magic cube
Model Remote control
Manufacturing materials Plastic
Color Blue, white and pink
Operating systems Android and iOS
Devices All Xiaomi and Mijia devices
Package content 1x Xiaomi Mi Magic cube, 1x CR2450, 1x User manual

Xiaomi Mi Magic cube: Availability and price

Currently, we can acquire the Xiaomi Mi Magic cube on the Aliexpress and Gearbest online stores for the modest sum of $16.80 (€14.16). Although this is not all, because if you run with some luck you can enjoy free shipping, for this we must check the delivery areas that are postulated for this promotion and if we are lucky we will be located between them. So we suggest you rush to take advantage of this promotion since it has a time limit. Next, we will leave you the purchase links in case you are interested in this beauty:

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