Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones Now Selling For $16.99 (Flash Sale)

The Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones have now become my favorite earphones to listen to while on the move. Its lightweight, ease of wearing, and durable build are plus points. Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones Adopts the coolest hybrid technology, the combination of dynamic driver and balanced-armature driver. The balanced-frame will be handling on high-frequency audio while the dynamic driver will handle the low-frequency audio. Currently, it is available on Geekbuying in just $16.99.

Buy Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones For $16.99

Like its predecessor, this in-ear also comes with both a dynamic driver and a balanced armature driver. The small fine difference is the material of the membrane of the dynamic driver, which consists of graphene. Xiaomi seems to have just discovered this quite new material for loudspeaker diaphragms because also in the new Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset graphene drivers are used. These are characterized by the fact that the membrane vibrates very well compared to other materials and is 100 – 300 more tear-resistant than steel. This results in better quality in the frequency response.

The Xiaomi Hybrid utilizes a dual-driver system with a dynamic driver for the bass and a balanced armature for the mids and highs – pretty much the norm for this type of hybrid setup. The treble becomes clearer and the bass is more natural sounding, delivering good balance albeit slight bloat at mid-bass. The sound staging is close and tight, not unlike most IEM. At loud passages, each instrument is contending with one another to get “air time”, but never did the high treble go distorted. It appears the balanced armature driver has done its job well.

This earphone uses a patented, hybrid dual dynamic and balanced armature drivers that delivers music of greater and finer details. With the help of a capacitive divider, there is higher convergence with the bass, resulting in lesser distortion to the music. So now tuning into music feels like listening to a good story that touches the soul.

The soundstage of the Hybrid is good, however, and noticeably more spacious compared to the aforementioned Philips and Popclik units, as well as most other entry-level IEMs. The presentation is a little laid-back, but capable all around with no major shortcomings – an excellent showing for an entry-level earphone.

Buy Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones For $16.99

Currently, Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones available in a flash sale on Geekbuying at $16.99 which is cheapest. So, If you have Xiaomi Redmi 3, Redmi 4s, Xiaomi MI5, etc, you can use it with your mi phones for better sound quality.


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