Xiaomi Mi iHealth Now Offer For Just $22.89 In a Flash Sale of Geekbuying

That Xiaomi is a brand that covers practically all areas we all know. But it seems that lately, it is focusing on our health. Today we bring you an offer of Xiaomi Mi iHealth thermometer which comes in a box with dimensions of 20.00 x 15.00 x 8.00 cm and a weight of 0.150 kg, so it is an extremely small and light product, which indicates that it will be quite practical when used.

Buy Xiaomi Mi iHealth From Geekbuying at $22.89 

Now without further ado accompany us to know everything you have prepared for us. But before that, if you are interested in buying this product, so you have a good chance to buy it from Geekbuying with a wonderful discount of 55% so your final price will remain at $22.89.

The Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth comes with a vertical design that adapts perfectly to our hands, has a nice aesthetic finish, along with a 15.5 ° grip inclination, which gives a wonderful comfort when using it. It is available only in white, maintaining the classic minimalist style of Xiaomi, giving us an air of purity and tranquility that should confer medical items. It is built-in high resistance plastic, however, we must be clear that it is a delicate product; so we must be careful not to hit it or drop it.

In the front, just in the middle, the action button is located, in the upper part, you can see a small LED screen, where the temperature read by the device will be reflected. In the upper rear part, we have the infrared and in the lower part, we have the compartment for the batteries.

The Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth is a digital thermometer that works by infrared and has a couple of features that give their own identity, being a product worth having in our homes. Among its most relevant features we have:

  • It only needs 1 second to measure the temperature.
  • It has a margin of error of only 0.1 ° C, so it is incredibly accurate, especially considering how fast it works.
  • It has an LED display showing the temperature in degrees Celsius. By displaying the temperature, it vibrates rapidly to indicate that it has finished scanning.
  • It works with a pair of AAA batteries, which provide the energy needed to perform approximately 3000 measurements.
  • It has a certificate of precision granted by the Department of Food and Drug Administration of China (CFDA).

The Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth is incredibly easy to use, in fact, as we discussed earlier, it only presents a single button. We must place it in a space close to 3 centimeters at the level of the forehead of the person to whom we will measure the temperature. Then we press the button and wait for only a second, automatically the device will issue a vibrating alert to notify us that the task has been completed.

The next step will be to observe the result reflected on your LED screen. As we can see, it is something really simple and convenient to use, therefore anyone is able to use it without any complications. As always, Xiaomi is a creator of efficiency, quality, and economy.

Buy Xiaomi Mi iHealth From Geekbuying at $22.89

This thermometer is in Geekbuying in an incredible offer, thanks to a flash offer with a 55% discount for the incredible price of $22.89.


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