[Crazy Deal] [Must Have Product] Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth, an incredibly accurate digital thermometer for $25.99 [Christmas Deal]

Today we will break the mold because we will not dedicate ourselves to the products that are for our entertainment, this time we will be concentrated in a device that has a pure health purpose, although we do not rule out those who manage to have fun with it, but as we always say, for tastes and colors there is nothing written. The Chinese champion, Xiaomi, is a magician when it comes to literally offer everything and as expected this will not be the exception to the rule, as they have a new digital thermometer that has a wonderful design, the  Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth,  this beauty is incredibly practical and simple to use,

So it will be an addition that can not miss in our home, although we must emphasize that this is not the first thermometer of Xiaomi since they have the Miaomiaoce Digital Baby Thermometer, which is designed specifically for our babies, being extremely subtle and nice. Now without further ado accompany us to know everything you have prepared for us. But before that, if you are interested in buying this product, Then use our link below to get it an incredible discount price of $24.99.

Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth: Box

The Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth comes in a box with the following dimensions: 20.00 x 15.00 x 8.00 cm and a weight of 0.150 kg,  so we are dealing with an extremely small and light product, which indicates that it will be very practical to move. Within the same we will choose only what is necessary to enjoy its use:

  • 1x  Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth
  • 2x AAA Batteries

Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth: Design

The Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth comes with a vertical design that adapts perfectly to our hands, it has an extremely pleasant aesthetic finish, which gives it a wonderful ergonomic touch. It is available only in white, maintaining the classic minimalist style of Xiaomi,  giving us an air of elegance, harmony, and symmetry that never is. But not everything is honey on flakes, this thermometer is made of plastic, in other words, it will not be very resistant that we say, this forces us to take special care when using it because we do not know how much it can really resist if it arrives to hit or fall.

In the front, right in the center, we place a single button, in the upper front we see a small LED screen, in the upper rear we have the infrared and in the lower part we have the compartment for the batteries.

Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth: Features

The Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth being a digital thermometer that works by infrared has a couple of characteristics that give it its own identity, being a product worth having in our homes. Among its most relevant features we have:

  • It only needs 1 second to measure our temperature.
  • It has a margin of error of only 0.1 ° C, so it is incredibly accurate taking into account how fast it works.
  • It has an LED screen in which it shows our temperature in degrees Celsius.
  • By showing us our temperature vibrates quickly to indicate that you have finished with your scan.
  • Works with a pair of triple AAA batteries.
  • It has a certificate of accuracy granted by the Department of Chinese Food and Drug Administration (CFDA).

Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth: How does it work?

The Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth is incredibly simple to use, in fact, seeing that it only has a single button already tells us a lot. We must position it in a space around 3 centimeters at the level of the forehead of the person to whom we will measure the temperature.

Then we press the button and wait for just a second, then the same vibrate indicating that completed the task, then we can see the result reflected on your screen, being really comfortable to use and therefore anyone can use it without any complication, since Xiaomi seeks to offer us a product that responds as quickly as possible, being both effective and efficient and we must say that with this thermometer they have achieved it.

Where to buy it?

We have available the  Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth on Gearbest for the incredible price of $24.99 by using our link below.



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