Xiaomi Mi Hey Plus vs Mi Band 4: Full Specs Comparison

Ultimate battle of Fittness Trackers [Xiaomi Mi Hey Plus vs Mi Band 4]

Xiaomi has ultimately become the King of Budget Fitness Trackers. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is an upgrade to the Mi Band 3. But we almost forgot about the Mi Band Hey Plus, a smartband that we essentially thought was the Mi Band 4. Anyways since now both of them are out in the market, let’s compare the Xiaomi Mi Hey Plus vs Mi Band 4 and find out which is the Budget Fitness Tracker.

Xiaomi Mi Hey Plus vs Mi Band 4: Specs Comparison

Xiaomi Mi Hey+ Xiaomi Mi Band 4
0.95 inch OLED high-resolution display
0.95” color AMOLED Display, 120 x 240px RGB
Water Resistance:

Xiaomi Mi Hey+ vs Mi Band 4 | Comparison

Design Comparison: Xiaomi Mi Hey+ vs Mi Band 4

Let’s start from the design, between the Mi Band hey plus vs Mi Band 4, the Mi Band 4 has an oval-shaped screen with a clasp like Band which makes it unique and modern. I loved the Mi Band 4 which was a good update from the Mi Band 3. They have updated it to a color display from the older monochrome display. As the designing part is included, both the Mi Band 4 and the Mi Band hey plus have almost the same designs but just a little different.

Both the watches are made up of plastic and alloy body. The Mi band hey plus has a rectangular body with the same diagonals as the Mi Band 4. The Mi Band 4 weighs 21 grams while the Mi Band hey plus weighs 19.7 grams. But they both feel the same while I was wearing them. It felt super convenient and the skin-friendly strap is something that I truly dig.


The Mi Band 4 and the Mi Band Hey Plus features a 0.95 inch AMOLED screen display which is a fairly good display screen. They both contain 240*120 pixels which are a better resolution to look at. They both hold the same resolutions and dimensions. The Mi Band 4 and the Mi Band hey plus contain Auto-Light up screen which is better for battery power and long-lasting. While the Mi Band 4 has a 2.5D glass corning display and the other doesn’t.

The battery for Mi Band for can work up to 25 days on a single charge as the company claims for about 30 days and the power of the battery is 135 mAh. The battery power of Mi Band hey plus is only 120 mAh which lasts up to 15 days. It takes around 2 hours for charging them. On comparing the price of both the model where the lowest variant of Mi Band 4 comes at $25 and the NFC variant at $33. While Hey plus starts at $35 and the NFC variant at $50. NFC is Near Field Communication which is a group of protocols used to connect two devices, out of which one is a smartphone mainly for communication. Here it is, we have a clear winner, the Mi Band 4 is highly preferable considering all the points.

For charging the Mi Band 4, we need to remove the body of the watch for charging whereas, in Hey Plus, we don’t need to remove the body every single time which makes the watch last longer since there is no frequent stretch for spoilage. The connectivity of Hey Plus is done through Mijia Application.

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The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 can switch over 77 color faces and brightness that is up to 400 nits which makes it better for outdoor light, makes us see clearer. The Hey Plus watch offers more than 380 watch faces to choose from and what the hell? We can customize the screen with pictures of our choice! What! That’s so cool, isn’t it?. We can replace it with our favorite pictures to be seen on the display face which the Mi Band 4 doesn’t offer.

Both offers Alarm clock, call reminders, how many calories have you burnt, find your phone option, showcases incoming calls alert, management of messages, pedometer for step counting and sleep monitoring. The Mi Band 4 has extra voice collateral function and a 6-axis Gyrometer that especially monitors physical activity like cycling, exercising, swimming including the type of stroke that one performs in the swimming routine.

The water resistance for Mi Band 4 is 5ATM which denotes that a person can wear the watch and swim 50 meters deep underwater. Where the water-resistant power for Hey Plus is IP68 which is capable of wearing when jogging during rain and some basic splashing of water during dish-washing.

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Both the Mi Hey+ and the Mi Band 4 almost share the same price and specs. Honestly, I believe both of them can share the title of “Best Budget Fitness Tracker”. But considering the popularity and availability. The winner of this comparison of Xiaomi Mi Hey Plus vs Mi Band 4, is Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

If you’re looking for a budget health-centric smartband, then the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is a great choice. With full-color AMOLED Display, sleep monitoring technology, 24/7 Heart rate monitoring and still being priced at just $37.46. Seems like a dealbreaker to me.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 4:

BEST PRICE: $37.46


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