Xiaomi Mi Drone Quadcopter 4K UHD WiFi FPV offered for $469.99

If as a map of Xiaomi, make sure you remember the Full HD Drone that the company introduced not long ago. But did you know that the company also has another product, a more advanced version that is the Xiaomi Mi Drone aircraft shooting 4K movies. A premium flycam version comes from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Drone

Although an upgraded version compared to his brother but visually speaking. The Xiaomi Mi Drone with 4K movie recording capability is no significant difference compared to its brother. Xiaomi Mi Drone aircraft filming 4K movies still retain the typical design lines, inherited from its predecessor. The shell of the aircraft is made of plastic material, and the thickness is only 1.2mm, ensuring the durability of the device, in the case of collisions. But still optimising weight to help the plane can fly higher and farther. It is designed in the form of dynamics to reduce the port’s air to the fuselage. Ensuring performance as well as speed during flight.

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Xiaomi Mi Drone

For a direct drone device like Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K, the operating system and remote control mechanism play a very important role in the user experience process. Therefore, to help users, especially novice users, Mi Drone can familiarise themselves and control their devices. The manufacturer has integrated the control mechanism of the aircraft quite a lot of automatic mechanisms. Can be mentioned as the ability to automatically take off, automatically landed, automatically fly by the predetermined route, the ability to return automatically. Everything we need to do is to press a single key on the App interface, which will automatically work.

Xiaomi Mi Drone

The aircraft can receive the signal from the controller handle and make necessary adjustments from the handle in the distance up to 4 Km. High resistance to noise, low signal latency.

Xiaomi Mi Drone

Xiaomi Mi Drone equipped with TPZ camera, for 4K video recording capability (UHD), wide angle lens with low image distortion. Especially the ability to transfer images from the camera to the phone with quite low latency. To support professional video recording, high image stability. Flycam Xiaomi 4K camera system is equipped with a 3-axis image stabilisation system. With the motion sensor, it will monitor and determine the position change to automatically adjust the balance, stabilise the camera, Bring accuracy up to ± 0.02 °.

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K battery use comes from LG, 5100mAh capacity with high energy density. Thus the flight time of the device lasts up to 26 minutes. The battery is modular in design, making the assembly and replacement of batteries quick and simple.

Xiaomi Mi Drone

Flycam Xiaomi 4K uses a navigation system combining GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning, to help support flight operations as well as help determine the exact location of the flying device. Avoid flying into restricted areas and sustain the most accurate automatic flight. Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K Aircraft Also equipped with many other automatic features, to ensure safety during operation. The aircraft is programmed to calculate the altitude and control the road so that it can return automatically when it detects that the battery power is running low. It can also record the take-off point, when it is out of control, as well as losing its positioning, the aircraft can still return to the old position easily and accurately. Areas like the airport, in the city and military areas, are considered to be no-fly zones for flycam. With accurate positioning system, the aircraft can self-calculate and determine the location to issue a direction change order to avoid flying into dangerous areas.

Where to buy Xiaomi Mi Drone?

The Xiaomi Mi Drone is available on gearbest for just $469.99. Its a limited time offer so if you are planning to but a excellent quality drone this is a right time.


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