Buy The Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K For $380.80($74 coupon Off Included)

It has not long been possible for the average user to capture 4K images with stability from the air. But how accessible is it? Knowing the price of DJI drones and the quality they offer, we are hardly led to believe that we can have equivalent results for significantly lower values. But believe me, it’s true, and Mi Drone 4K proves it to the whole class.

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The evolution of technology continues at an overwhelming pace and competition is such that the user ends up benefiting with access to quality technology at a very competitive price.

Xiaomi did not waste the opportunity to shine in this segment as well and put on the market a drone with an unbeatable price at the hands of Fimi.

The Mi Drone 4K has a 4K camera and, compared to the market leader of drones, DJI, this drone competes directly with the Phantom 3 SE … but has a much lower price. It has the capacity to be controlled up to a distance of 4 km, including FPV image, and has autonomy up to 25 minutes of flight. It records 4K video at 30fps and has several smart features to make video capture more professional.

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In the box

  • Body of the drone with trém trilateral, 4 motors, and sensorial module
  • 2 sets of 4 propellers
  • Protections for propellers and screws (replaced by Wi-Fi dongle)
  • Gimbal 3-axis and 4K camera
  • Battery and charger
  • Remote control
  • Instruction manual in Chinese or English


I say with all the conviction that, for the price, it is not possible to find better in the market.

From the control range, stability, autonomy, ease-of-use and assembly, and the quality of image capture put this drone into a level that is only achieved with a larger investment.

The design is simple and integrates quality materials. The remote control is smaller than usual, compared to DJI’s Phantom or Walkera’s Devo, and almost goes through a typical gamepad, which is a pretty good point in the design of this remote.

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K

In terms of practical results the 5100 mAh battery achieves a continuous flight time of about 22 minutes, which is a duration close to that announced by the manufacturer. The battery of the remote control has autonomy for about 5 complete drone flights. The stability is good in the GPS mode, with only slight deviations of position, and in conditions of strong wind also showed a very good performance.

In terms of safety, in case of loss of connection to the drone caused by problems on the smartphone or remote control, the drone is able to return to the home position automatically. The fact that you do not have an obstacle detection system is not considered a negative point given the price you have.

As for video quality the result is very good. It is able to maintain a static image when it is in the air and the most sudden movements are all absorbed by the stabilization of the gimbal. In the camera it was only noticed that the dynamic range, although sufficient, could be better.

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K

There is also the advantage of all the parts being sold individually in the event of any damage, and there is also a wide range of accessories, including extra batteries that are so useful for when 22 minutes do not arrive.

In addition, and for those who also like to capture video stabilized with the “feet in the ground”, it is possible to reuse the 4K camera and drone gimbal to place them in a battery holder, the FIMi X1BH. The price is just over 50 €

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