Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1: The indispensable accessory for your smart devices

Knowing that Xiaomi is a technology company, for the most part, it is quite reasonable that from time to time it will bring to the market additional accessories that fulfill the function of complementing all its intelligent devices. Based on this premise we find multiple gadgets such as Power Banks, adapters, chargers or cables of different configuration, like the one we present on this occasion. If you have several devices and each one has a different type of USB port, this new Xiaomi cable is ideal for you. It is simply called Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1 and is, in simple words, a USB cable with a double port (type C and micro) without needing an adapter. If you want to know its most outstanding features, we will review them below.

Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1

Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1: Design and construction

The Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1 comes with a more convenient design than others in the market since it has 3 interfaces for greater utility. This USB cable includes a main Micro USB port on one side, along with a USB Type C converter (hence the name “2 in 1”) that has the appearance of a lid. That is, to use the latter one must connect to the micro USB, completely changing the type of interface. At the other end, there is a standard type A USB.

Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1: Design and construction

Its compact design adapts to most cases and thanks to a length of 30cm or 100cm (it comes in both configurations), it is long enough to satisfy the needs of the user. It comes in white and has a wide compatibility with digital devices.

Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1: Design and construction

Materials and safety

It is manufactured with cutting-edge materials and built with fine details to give it an incredible durability. Initially, reinforced aluminum protectors and laser-welded connectors can withstand intensive daily use. Inside we find 16 insulated conductors that are wrapped in 26 pieces of braided copper wire of high quality, which in turn are covered by a tin of 0.1mm. And finally, everything is fixed with 250D nylon thread.

Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1 Materials and safety

Thanks to this, the anti-interference designs boast of wearing aluminum foil shielding that protects insulated conductors from external electromagnetic interference, in addition to guaranteeing the stable performance of the transmission and the recharge. In this way, the product has a high structural resistance, durability, anti-corrosion, resistance to wear for long-term use and is suitable to be carry anywhere.

Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1 Materials and safety

Externally, it is wrapped with a material that is respectful of the environment and safe: TPE with high tenacity and resistance to traction. What results is that the outer casing of the cable is resistant and flexible, helping to absorb the stress of the pulls and prevent it from breaking. It will even be free of entanglements most of the time.

Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1 Materials and safety

Finally, it adopts the high technology of gold paint that makes it more durable and highly resistant to abrasion. In summary, the materials used in Xiaomi’s 2-in-1 cable will make it last longer compared to normal cables.

Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1: Highlights

It is a great accessory for all those who carry more than one smartphone, power bank, etc. Since its function is more than obvious, it has a universal compatibility with most Micro USB and USB Type C devices. It is, therefore, more practical to use and there is no need to carry different cables. Its specific use is to provide charge and transfer data in a synchronized and instantaneous way regardless of the type of interface of the devices.

Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1: Highlights

More specifically, it allows the simultaneous transfer of high-performance data and power cables that guarantee a data transfer rate of up to 480Mbps. inside it, multiple cables work together to provide a safe and faster recharge. The latest instant connection technology has been adopted to improve capacity, so you can connect and load quickly. The reversible type C connector allows you to connect the cable to your device in any direction, eliminating the hassle of incorrect insertion.

Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1: Highlights

The maximum current transfer is 2400mAh (2.4A), offering your phone, tablet, digital camera, among others, an incredibly fast charge. The reinforced stress point resists plugging and frequently removing the cable, and having an adequate length makes it easy to transport. In summary, charge and synchronize your Micro USB and Type C devices with a single cable. Yes, not only is compatible with Mi devices but also with other devices, whether Android, tablets, MacBooks and much more.

Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1: Highlights

Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1: Specification Table

Brand: Xiaomi
Kind: USB Cable
Cable length: 30 / 100cm
Compatible devices: USB type C and micro USB
Materials: Tinned copper, high tenacity TPE
Color: White
Interfaces: A USB type C, a micro USB, a USB type A
Functions: Charging devices
Maximum current: Data transfer
Fast charge: 2400mAh
Data transfer speed: Yes
Includes: Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1

Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1: Availability and price

After having known the characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Cable 2 in 1, we hope you have been convinced to acquire it. If so, and you are thinking, what is the price of this product and where can I buy it? We invite you to the Gearbest and Aliexpress online store where you will find the 100cm cable available for a small price of between $8.48 (€6.88) and $9.6 (€7.79), depending on the seller.

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