Xiaomi Mi Bunny Story Machine Mini: New version with Bluetooth connection

Two years after the first model, Xiaomi’s versatility returns by offering an improved version of the assistant for children called Xiaomi Mi Bunny Story Machine Mini. This time, it expands its operational capabilities by integrating Bluetooth wireless connection.

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The second generation of the Xiaomi Mi Bunny Story Machine Mini arrives

Mi Bunny is the official pet and the incarnation of the Xiaomi symbol. This character is logically inspired in a bunny but with a hat and earmuffs. And at least a couple of years have passed since Xiaomi released a device that tells stories and nursery rhymes with the shape of Mi Bunny. This had the objective of supporting parents in moments of absence and developing the intelligence and curiosity of young children.

So, the product was launched for the first time in 2017 as an intelligent assistant called Kuri. A year later, the company introduced the first version of the Mi Bunny Story Machine Mini, and today we can already access the second generation that has received support for Bluetooth.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Story Machine Mini

In appearance, the toy is not very different from the first generation. It is quite compact, the height is 14 cm. The amount of internal memory is 16 GB. Several stories and fairy tales that contribute to the child’s development are pre-installed in the toy. In addition, an automatic learning system is used to select from more than 350 stories and poems.

Thanks to Bluetooth compatibility, you can connect your smartphone to the toy wirelessly and use it as a speaker. Sales in China started a week ago and the retail price has not changed compared to last year’s model, which was about $22.

Source – Gizmochina

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