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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet hand on Review: Is it worth to buy?

June 11th?Xiaomi newly released its 4th generation Xiaomi Band –Xiaomi MI Band 4 Smart Bracelet.

I always believe that the Xiaomi Band bracelet can be regarded as the first smart wearable electronics for many friends.

Xiaomi Band Development

In 2014, the first generation of Xiaomi bracelets was born, although it only supported the functions of step counting and sleep monitoring. Its price is equivalent to 10% of similar products’price at that time. And its functions, quality quickly and affordable price helps it to attract the costumers’ attention and get the market quickly.

After that, it had two great upgraded, the second generation, Xiaomi Band 2 added the screen display function, and the third generation Xiaomi Band 3 supported touch and NFC. Then now, the fourth-generation product Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet is coming!

About the Xiaomi MI Band 4, there are two information points given by the official, one is the color screen, and the other is the Xiao Ai voice Assistant.

So let’s take a closer look at it and know more.

What is the difference between Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 3

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For Xiaomi Mi Band 4, it still adopts a strap plus separate body, but it fits tight and solid. Also convenient to disassemble and assemble. As for whether it is easy to gather dirt in the groove part or not, we still need more time to test.

The size of the Mi Band 4 is almost the same as Mi Band 3, but as you can see the Mi Band 4 seems less rounded. On the back is the Mi logo and the heart rate monitor sensor, it has moved the charging contacts from the bottom of Mi Band 3 to the back of Mi Band 4. Because the inner structure has changed. It comes with a charging socket instead of a charging cable like the previous Mi Bands.

The mic lies right on the corner of the Mi Band 4 here, it is actually a very smart design for it won’t be muffled by your wrist. As for the strap, the appearance and material have not changed compared to the previous generation. But with more color options for you to choose from. So in terms of the design of the Mi Band 4, it hasn’t changed that much whether regarding the dimension or the material when compared to its predecessor. If you ask me how does it feel when wearing the Mi Band 4, I will tell you it is as comfortable as the Mi Band 3.

So what’s the new? Let’s get inside of the Mi Band 4.


AMOLED Color Screen

One of the biggest upgrades is the display. Band 4 has a 2.5D glass, 0.95 inches, 240×120 resolution AMOLED Color Screen. Whether the resolution or the display area is almost doubled compared to the Band 3. It is using the touch interaction technology with a touch to turn-back button. The interaction on the Mi band 4 is easy to understand.

Under the home interface swipe lift and right to enter the shortcut panel, slide up and down to enter the function menu, and click them, you can enter the secondary classification. As for the messages, it shoes twice more text than the mi band 3 on one panel, you can read the full text by scrolling down, it will be better for us to check it.

In my opinion, the overall interaction is intuitive, the touch function is accurate to responsive.

What’s more, according to the official information, it has 78  dials for users to select and it will provide users to customize the dials with the big IP cooperators. Users can set their ideal dials to show the information they need most, such as date, time, weather, etc..I think if the users have more access to set their own display information to meet their need is great, but about it can display the doubled messages text upgrade, I just want to say it is not important how many words can display at the limited screen, what is the most important point is that it can clearly show us the messages. So if it can offer the font size adjustment function will be better.

Xiaomi Bracelet 4 provides three shortcut function panels, namely Xiao Ai, music control and Alipay scan code payment, all of which are more practical functions. Like the music control. When you are at the peak of the traffic, the phone is placed in the pocket or bag and it is inconvenient for you to figure it out. At this time, if the wearable device can control the music playing, it is quite convenient.

So, sum up, the color screen of Xiaomi is beautiful, and the touch experience is excellent. It is easy to use.

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Xiao Ai Voice Assistant

Smartphone and IOT are the keys the Xiaomi, especially the IOT is becoming more and more important. For example, if you searched, you can find that the recently released Xiaomi products. Whether their own products or eco-chain products, as long as they have a screen display and voice signals receive function, they will add the Xiao Ai voice assistant. But to my surprise is that the little wearable device Mi band 4 also has the Xiao Ai voice assistant. The Xiao Ai voice assistant on the Xiaomi bracelet has 3 functions including the internal interaction, information search, and Home remote control.

I found it can do basically anything you ask, like entering different modes, what’s the weather like, or even ask it to turn on your air purifier, etc. As long as the products are from Xiaomi eco-companies, that’s amazing.

The recognition speed and recognition rate are outstanding, but this assistant on the wristband highly rely on the smartphone network. If it can synchronous transfer the voice into the word and list on the screen in real time will be better for you can check and know the reason if there is an order mistake.

Battery, NFC

For others, the Band 4 has 135 mAh battery, the official data shows that the standard MI Band 4 version has 20 days of battery life, for NFC version 15 days. For our test of the NFC version, I used it to connect my smartphone in addition to sleeping, the phone has been connected to the phone outside the flight mode. And turn on the message reminder and screen-lock function, turn off the heart rate record. Testing 60 hours, it only used about 10% battery power, I’m deeply satisfied with that as a used AppleWatch user.

Also, it has a better chipset and sensor, the Bluetooth update from 4.2 to 5.0, 6-axis Sensor instead of 3-axis sensor. For the waterproof rating, it’s 5ATM, same as Mi band 3.

As a sports bracelet, Xiaomi Bracelet also supports swimming, outdoor running, indoor running, and fitness exercise equipment. The coverage is wider than the previous generation. In the end, what Xiaomi band 3 praised for, heart rate monitoring and NFC. the band 4 also keep it and improve well. When the heart rate is too high, the bracelet will automatically vibrate to remind the user. The NFC now can support 14 types of bus cards for 187 cities. At the same time, it can also simulate a non-home access card, and also open a white card on the Xiaomi mobile phone, and then write the card by itself. In addition to the NFC, Mi band 4 also provides the function of Alipay scan code payment, so the whole application range is more extensive.

Overall, although the cycle of this update iteration is only one year, it also retains great outstanding upgrade and satisfies their fans?


I think it is for its bigger 2.5D glass AMOLED color screen, you know more scratch resistant, the upgrade of the more accurate sensor, which makes your sports recording more accurate and versatile, plus NFC and Xiao ai voice assistant. It feels much more powerful and smarter.

Lastly, Xiaomi again surprises us with a super affordable price. Whether it is worth to buy or not?I believe you have got the answer.

Anyway, whether you are a sports enthusiast or concentrate more on a healthier lifestyle, it can help you!

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