Xiaomi Mi Band 3’s First Update Has Arrived

Learn about the new mute mode and the benefits of this device.

It will almost be a month since this product came to light in Chinese stores. Just in its first day, the reservations surpassed the 640,000 units and it has only been increasing. So much so that it has made the Xiaomi distribution chain fall a little short. That way we can assume that few products of the brand have caused as much demand as it has achieved this. And now, Xiaomi has already made one of the things that were rumored: the Xiaomi Mi Band 3’s first update is now available.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3's First Update

What brings this Xiaomi Mi Band 3’s first update?

With the new mute mode, the Mi Band 3 linked to smartphones can silence notifications and calls from a distance. This feature is available for Android operative system, while confirmation is awaited for iOS compatibility.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3's First Update is a Mute Mode

It will be very useful for occasions when we can not get the phone, but we need to place it in silence. Just a few touches on the screen, our smartphone will not interrupt our meetings.

That is all? No, this will certainly not be the last update that the device receives. As already mentioned, Mi Band 3 just takes a few weeks in the market. However, it seems that it still has a long way to go since in Asia it is being a success.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3's First Update is a Mute Mode

What makes the new Mi Band 3 so special?

New materials and touchscreen

Although that large elliptical design remains the same as in the Mi Band 2, it is not the same product at all. This model boasts hypoallergenic materials that feel soft and comfortable when in contact with the skin. A curved shape on the screen gives greater relief to the body. This is more comfortable for the wrist and the lining of the bracelet prevents it from falling.

Mi Band 3 comes with an OLED screen of 0.78 inches and 120×80 pixels. In addition, Mi band 3 is completely touchable and the button has been incorporated into the body of the bracelet. It is also resistant in physical activities, especially water. Mi Band 3 can withstand dives of up to 50 meters thanks to 5 ATM resistance.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 water resistant

Improved functions

The applications and call notifications returns as in Mi Band 2. Although now we can attend, silence and hang unwanted calls. And if you are one of those who usually forgets where you leave your phone, you can find it with an option. It is also possible to check up to three days of weather forecast and it has a stopwatch. In addition to bringing the basic functions as a quantifier of steps and calories, as well as some health indicators.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 MiFit App

The Mi Band 3 has Bluetooth 4.2 LE and allows you to easily connect with your phone. Now you can get sports data in real time thanks to a sports interface that is activated when you start a workout in the MiFit application. In relation to the battery, Mi band 3 offers up to 20 days of autonomy with 110 mAh.

Finally, in the unreleased version, NFC technology is added to make payments, along with all these features.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with NFC technology

Price and availability

At the moment, this device is only available for China. But soon Xiaomi will start distribution to other countries and it will be possible to acquire it in its 3 presentations.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Price and availability

The base version can be purchased for 169 yuan, just over $ 26 in conversion. While the announced version that includes NFC sells for $ 30. Although the demand has been so great that the product can be found up to $50 in online stores.

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