The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 brings Xiaomi to the top spot of the wearables market in China

Yesterday, IDC made public the five main manufacturers of smart devices belonging to the Chinese market for the third quarter of this year. According to the published report, in Q3, the market for smart wearable devices in China shipped around 14.5 million units, obtaining an annual increase of 12.5%. Wearables (as long as they do not support third-party applications) increased their popularity by 2.2%, while the popularity of the rest of these products increased by 74.1%. Among these devices, is the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and its NFC version, which impelled Xiaomi to reach the first place in sales.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 brings Xiaomi to the top spot of the wearables market in China

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 gave Xiaomi the first place

In this third quarter, shipments of smart devices from Xiaomi, thanks to the so many sales of the popular Xiaomi Mi Band 3, reached 4,193 million, thus achieving a market share of 28.9%, being an increase of 37.8% compared to previous years.

On the other hand, Huawei and Honor have just launched a new wearable each, so it is possible that they will not achieve the necessary profits during said third quarter, although they may obtain them in the next three months. In these three months, shipments of smart portable products from Huawei were 1,549 million units, thus obtaining a market share of 11% and an increase in sales of 12.9% compared to previous years. In addition to that, BBK also achieved remarkable results.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 gave Xiaomi the first place

This is the list of wearables sales in China

BBK shipped around 1,323 million units, being an increase of 63.8% compared to previous years, so it ranks fourth in the wearables market. Continuing with the list, in this third quarter, shipments of portable intelligent devices of the Qihoo 360, a company that faced some problems, reached around 568,000 units, thus being 27.4% less compared to previous years. That being said, the Aba-cho children’s watch from Wuzhou Wireless ranked fifth in terms of stable performance in the 4G market, managing to ship around 552,000 units in this third quarter.

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