Xiaomi Releases Mi Band 3 Explorer Edition And Three New Colors

Mi Band 3 also celebrates its success after 1 million sales in just 17 days.

At the big event held in Shenzhen on May 31, Xiaomi unveiled its new generation of Mi Band, as well as other devices. At the launch this bracelet was announced in three colors: orange, blue and black. Now Xiaomi has just surprised us with a Mi Band 3 Explorer Edition with translucent band surface never seen before.

This version of the Mi band 3, in addition to a transparent case, comes with a fingerprint sensor under the screen. Although quite unusual, it makes the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Explorer Edition a completely new experience. But the addition of a transparent strap for this smart bracelet is not all it brings back. This product comes with a big surprise for fans who love Fitness.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Explorer Edition with translucent band surface

What’s so special about the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Explorer Edition?

Generally when talking about the “Explorer Edition” refers to alignments of Xiaomi smartphones such as the Mi 8 Explorer Edition or the Mi 6 Bright Silver Explorer Edition. So we already expect some special use of the Mi Band 3 Explorer Edition with these smartphones. However, we still do not have information about it.

The Mi Band 3 shown on Weibo is now available in black, orange and blue as well as the normal version. But, unfortunately, the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Explorer Edition, despite being quite attractive and different, were not made for sale. On the contrary, this version will be a gift for Mi Fans who participate in the draw.

At the moment, there is still no information about the draw in which the delivery of this new version will be made. It is expected that the details of the contest will be announced soon.

Surely many users will be looking forward to getting a Mi band 3 in its new Explorer Edition. So we hope that those who are the lucky winners of the Mi Fan contest will tell us about their experience.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 sells more than 1 million and 3 new colors are released

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 sells more than 1 million

As we have already said, the Mi Band 3 brings innovative features and even a fresher design than the Mi Band 2. So, with the success of its predecessor, we expected excellent sales performance. But the result has been more than surprising. Following the example of the Xiaomi Mi 8, the Mi Band 3 managed to sell 1 million units in just 17 days.Xiaomi Mi Band 3 sells more than 1 million units

The company now presents the three promised color options for the bracelets of the Mi Band 3. These new bracelets come in black, blue and orange. All models are now available for 19.9 yuan (2 € ~ $ 3) on the official Xiaomi website. However, we hope that they will soon be available in Asian online stores.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 in its 3 presentations

The Mi Band 3 is currently only available in China for a price of 169 yuan (~ $ 26). In September, the NFC edition of the device will sell for 199 yuan (~ $ 30). But, if you can not wait for the Mi Band 3 to arrive in your country, we leave you offers in import stores:

Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 3 on Gearbest for $60.45

Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 3 on Geekbuying for $34.99

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