Xiaomi Mi band 2 (International Version) For $21.99

With the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 which currently sells for $49.99, its predecessor, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has just taken a price dive to $19.99 and this is the best time to purchase this device. Fitness trackers are increasingly becoming important especially in our world today where many are so busy with work that they forget about their health status. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a portable wearable which does a lot of amazing stuff. It is a pedometer, fitness tracker, sleep tracker, message reminder, call reminder, and sleep-cycle smart alarm. Let us take a peek into this wearable to see what it has to offer.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – Portable Wearable With Wonderful Features

Design & Appearance

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a portable wearable which is molded from thermoplastic elastomers material with an aluminum lining that is resistant to scratch and fingerprints. This wearable is designed with a 0.5mm anodized ultra-slim button which has a unique feel. The Mi Band has a total length of 23.5cm which can be adjusted to fit the wrist properly, and it weighs only 7 grams.  This band is currently available in black color.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Hardware and Functions

This band sports a 0.42-inch OLED display with a touchpad. It also comes with a military-grade ADI sensor, ultra-low power accelerometers, and an optical sensor cardioverter. Moreover, this device monitors the heart rate, vibrates when you need to wake up from sleep, give a nudge when you have been sitting for too long and acts as a general reminder. This Mi Band 2 comes with smart unlock features in which your Mi smartphone can be easily unlocked instantly without password or fingerprint. This feature works with only smartphones that run on Android 5.0 and above. Furthermore, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is IP67 certified which means that it is waterproof, dustproof and resistant to corrosion.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

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Connectivity & Battery

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 comes with a second generation dialog Bluetooth 4.0 chip for faster and stable connections. It comes with a 70 mAh Lithium Polymer battery and that’s why it has 20 days standby time.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Where Can I Get The Xiaomi Mi Band 2

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is currently on sale on Gearbest for $21.99. Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, this product can be brought to you for FREE.



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