The Xiaomi Mi A2 has presented certain problems according to some users

There are many things that characterize the incredible Xiaomi, first, its amazing smartphones, which always measure up in the current market, and in addition to that, they have all kinds of products in different markets, and a great service to the client, so we can say that they are a complete company. Unfortunately, sometimes there can be certain faults even where there seems to be perfection and is that recently has been known of some complaints submitted by some users regarding the Xiaomi Mi A2.

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This is one of the most incredible devices released by Xiaomi in recent years. Launched just a couple of months ago as successor to the Mi A1, one of the most attractive things to these phones, is that both models are within Google’s Android One program, which is why they are well known outside of China. However, some users have complaints regarding the Xiaomi Mi A2, as they have had unfriendly experiences.

Xiaomi Mi A2

Problems with the Xiaomi Mi A2

First, there has been a series of reports regarding the maximum discharge of the battery in many Xiaomi Mi A2. To understand it well, the discharge of the battery occurs because all the CPU cores run at maximum speed consistently, however, it is not known exactly why this occurs. Currently, there is a consensus created by all the affected, saying that this exaggerated discharge of the battery could be produced by an error occurred with the fingerprint reader.

On the other hand, there are also many people users of the Xiaomi Mi A2 which say that the cause is different because they have eliminated all the fingerprints stored in the device and the problem continues to be presented. However, some users have detected a quick solution. All you have to do is restart the device every one or two hours. Of course is not a permanent solution, since the problem persists after two hours. Another solution very suggested by users is the removal of Google Play Services and restore the factory settings, however, this as such does not solve the problem.

Xiaomi Mi A2

Unfortunately, we still do not expect a response from Xiaomi, since the Mi developers have not recognized this as an error, possibly because the problem only affects a part of the users of this device. Nevertheless, it only remains to see the evolution of these cases.

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