Android Pie is now available on all Xiaomi Mi A2 devices

As you know, no one is shocked to know that the newest Android smartphones receive updates faster compared to older devices, although there may always be exceptions, and this was what happened with two phones from Xiaomi. A few days ago, the news said that a new update of Android Pie was going to be pushed to some devices Xiaomi Mi A1, and although not expected, the latest software from Google came via an update to the Xiaomi Mi A2.

Fortunately, people who have one of these devices will not have to wait longer to be able to have Android Pie, because this huge Chinese company started launching this software on these devices in a completely official manner.

Android Pie is now available on all Xiaomi Mi A2 devices

The first tests in which we could see the functioning of Android Pie in the Xiaomi Mi A2 came to the device a few weeks ago, and it is good to see that the company finally addressed some errors that annoyed so many of its consumers. Currently, there is no information about a future update for the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, but considering that this smart device has been named a few times lately, an update could easily be on the way.

Features that will present the Xiaomi Mi A2 with Android Pie

Now, talking about the features that Android Pie gives to the Xiaomi Mi A2, this new update will feature adaptive battery mode, digital well-being, a new settings menu, a new QuickSettings design, Material Design 2.0, more notification controls and a new mode of navigation with gestures. Since this update will be implemented on a large number of devices at the same time, it is possible that not all users can use it right away, so we recommend that you have patience.

Features that will present the Xiaomi Mi A2 with Android Pie

Apparently, Xiaomi learned a great lesson after all the problems related to the update of Android 8.0 Oreo in the Mi A1, at which time a separate release forced the company to withhold the installation of this update. That being said, we are now seeing all this news talking about Android Pie, and apparently, things are going smoothly on Xiaomi’s Android One devices.

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