Bad news! The Xiaomi Mi A1 leads the SAR list

In order to fully understand the content of this article, an explanation of what the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) should be done first. In very simple terms, it indicates the absorption of energy from the phone’s radiation in our body during a certain period of use. To carry out the adequate measurement of the SAR, a study of the whole body or of a sample of tissues is made and a call is made because this is the moment in which the phone emits more electromagnetic waves.

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In Europe, for example, these waves have a limit of 2W/Kg in a tissue sample of 10 grams, while in the United States the value must be less than or equal to 1.6W/Kg. This is quite important because in the entire scientific community there is still a debate about the exact relationship between this type of radiation and the growth of cancer cells.

Information presented about SAR and smartphones

After explaining this, it is curious how very few people look at something like this when selecting a mobile phone. As explained before, there are different limits in several countries, so if a mobile goes on sale means that it was supervised and approved for consumption, for example, in Europe, all smartphones have to be approved by the German Federal Office for Protection against Radiation. Of course, after making each revision the list of devices is updated to always stay up to day with respect to the mobiles that are currently in the market.

SAR - Most Radiation

With this knowledge, it is known that the list recently published by this institution is fully updated and indicates the devices with the highest SAR value. The devices that top that list are: the Xiaomi Mi A1 with 1.75% and the One Plus 5T with 1.68%, we also find the Mi Max 3 with a value of 1.58%, and with only less than a year of launch difference we get the Redmi Note 5, which although it is more “old”, it still has a SAR value of 1.29%. However, it is quite curious to see that the Xiaomi Mi A1 is in the first place, but the truth is that it continues to respect the rules imposed by Europe. Very much in spite of this information, the truth is that you can avoid as much as possible the type of damage that can cause these high SAR levels, sending messages instead of making calls or in such case, speaking with a hands-free or with headphones to avoid radiation.

SAR - Least Radiation

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