Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro: Which is the best performing smartphone?

Xiaomi is a company known to release phones that have wonderful features at low costs. It is one of a couple of companies in the market more widely known as flagship killers. Even though OnePlus is heading that category, Xiaomi has acquired its own customer base which speaks for itself. Cutting short to the chase, this is Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro.

The Mi 8 Pro was released as a successor to the Mi 8. The Mi 8 and the 8 Pro have something unique about them because Xiaomi skipped the Mi 7 like how Apple bypassed iPhone 9 to come up with the iPhone X on their tenth anniversary. Similarly, Xiaomi skipped Mi 7 to come up with Mi 8 for its eighth anniversary. The Mi 9 was released this year by Xiaomi to start 2019 with a crazily wonderful product on the shelves. When one looks at the Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, users can know if the Mi 9 is worth an upgrade or the Mi 8 Pro is still the top one standing even when a successor is in town.

Comparisons like the Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro are the only way to know the best of the best, even in different companies or upgrades.

Design & Display: Any more appealing to the eye?

The Mi 8 Pro had scrapped the physical fingerprint sensor that was present in the back in the Mi 8. The Mi 8 Pro exchanged it for an in-display fingerprint sensor. While the Mi 9 doesn’t have any changes to that area, the iridescent finish on the back is sure to catch the attention of people. The metal finish gives it a different color based on the angle the phone is viewed from.

Talking in terms of the display if the screen, the Mi 9 has some changes there as well. Increasing the display from a 19:9 ratio to a 19.5:9 ratio, the classic rectangular notch in the Mi 8 Pro is changed to a dot drop notch. This gives even more screen space and is more efficient, except for those who have an aversion to the drop notch. The FullHD display present in the Mi 8 Pro is updated to an AMOLED one in the Mi 9.

Mi 9 vs Mi 8 Pro in terms of display, the Mi 9 has a few tricks up its sleeve to entertain users and present an amiable design that is lovable for all. Other than those who don’t have a liking in particular for the drop notch, the Mi 9 leads ahead in the display.

Performance: Faster to the touch?

Being one of the first phones to adopt the Snapdragon 855 gives the Mi 9 a clear edge over its predecessors. While the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro on the other hand runs on the Snapdragon 845 Processor. On a fair note the Qualcomm claims to have or experience 45% performance improvement on the Snapdragon 855 over the Snapdragon 845. Also when comparing to the Kirin 980 or the Apple’s A12 processor, the Snapdragon 855 Chipset claims the fastest app launch time.

The in-display fingerprint sensor is 25% faster in unlocking than the Mi 8 Pro. With a 12 GB RAM option, the Mi 8 Pro is playing second fiddle when the Mi 9 is in the picture.

Such heavy machinery present in the Mi 9 allows it to be even more responsive and quick when processing a lot of work. In the basic Antutu Benchmark test the Xiaomi Mi 9 OutPerformed the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro. Considering that the Xiaomi Mi 9 runs on Snapdragon 855 Chipset this ain’t surprising.

Snapdragon 855 makes the Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro fight an easy win with performance in focus.

Let’s talk Gaming!

First of all both the Xiaomi Mi 9 or the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro are not dedicated gaming smartphones like the xiaomi black shark or the ROG smartphone. Although here is the good news, design wise the Xiaomi Mi 9 is not a gaming device but the device comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC which is “enhanced and tweaked” with the all new Xiaomi’s Game Turbo technology!

As fancy as it sounds, the game turbo technology is an algorithm that is built by Xiaomi. This mode runs on the background to predict and analyse the scenes of the game you’re playing smartly, and allocates your device internal resources as to balance between complicated scenes and less graphically intense scenes. It basically plays with the clock speed between high and low, along with setting the resolution thereby maintaining the Frame Rates.

This is something that you’ll have to sacrifice when choosing the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro over the Mi 9. Although you should be not really concerned about the performance offered on the Mi 8 Pro. Even-though the device doesn’t target the gamer world, it still is a pretty good performing device. It eats up everything you throw at it. You’re good to play PUBG on the Mi 8 Pro with the highest setting without any worries.

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Boom Boom Speakers!

Talking about gaming, Speakers are super important in a smartphone. I usually hate the mono speakers and considering we’re entering the bezel-less era, we might soon see in-display speakers. On the bottom of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, right next to the USB-C Port, exists a mono-speaker. Cut-short the audio output on these speakers are average and there were some distortion happening at the highest volume.

On the other hand we can expect better sound quality with the Xiaomi Mi 9 as it is equipped with a 12×7 high-quality super-linear speakers. They are tweaked to deliver great bass and deep toned pitch. Which means, no distortion! Also Xiaomi uses the Mi-Sound technology on the Xiaomi Mi 9 for better tuning as to adjust to the users preference.

The flaw of poor speakers on the Xiaomi Mi 8 pro has been overcome with better audio enhancements and Mi-Sound Technology on the Mi 9.

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Camera: Clearer on the frame? Does the triple camera make a difference?

The triple camera system used in Mi 9 has a dedicated lens to each specific purpose. Wide, telephoto and super wide angle view are what each lens is specified for. With such technology embedded onto it, the Mi 9 is a front-runner in taking the best photos and stands ahead of the branded set of smartphones like iPhone XS, Google Pixel3 and Samsung Note 9.

Cut-short the Xiaomi Mi 9 could possibly become one of the best camera smartphone right next to the mate 20 pro. The sensors actually are pretty well tweaked in order to talk to one another with precision and need. The Xiaomi Mi 9 offers great zoom quality and impressive dynamic range. It also maintains the accurate colors and definitely no over-saturation!

Xiaomi Mi 9 Camera Samples:

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Camera Samples:

With an extra lens on the back, it isn’t a shocker that the Mi 9 emerges victorious in the photographic battle of Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro.

Mi 9 vs Mi 8 Pro is of no relevance here because the inclusion of an extra camera has clearly propelled the Mi 9 way ahead of the predecessor Mi 8 Pro.

The triple camera has plenty of advantage:

  • We can achieve Higher Resolution Images
  • Better Zoom Quality
  • Color Accuracy with multi-layer progression
  • Wide-angled shots or even 3D map your environment

Battery: Longer than the rest?

An increase of 300mAh in the battery for the Mi 8 Pro gives the battery of the Mi 9. Apart from that, there is another major difference between the Mi 8 Pro and the Mi 9. Mi 9 has introduced wireless charging which would help in various scenarios other than a powerbank wherever you go.

Pitting the battery life of the Xiaomi Mi 9 vs the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is a cake-walk for the Mi 9.

Mi 9 vs Mi 8 Pro: Verdict

Xiaomi had released the Mi 9 to propel the new year forward by a better product and the Mi 9 does exactly that. With changes from the predecessor Mi 8 Pro, the Mi 9 looks ahead and is perfectly suited for a new age and is definitely a better choice with all the major components getting a revamp in a better manner. The question of Mi 9 vs Mi 8 Pro has only one answer and that is the Xiaomi Mi 9.

Considering the price-tag, both Xiaomi Mi 9 & Mi 8 Pro play in the $500+ league. So it is majorly left to your preference. If it is performance then go for the Mi 9 or if you want the Explorer Edition of the Mi 8 Pro and also spend only $519.99 then go for the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Transparent. Anyways hope you liked our comparison on two of the Best Xiaomi Smartphones: Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro. Do share your thoughts on the comments section below.

Xiaomi Mi 9 (8GB RAM + 128GB ROM)

Sale Price: $749.99

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro (8GB RAM + 128GB ROM)

Sale Price: $519.99


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