Xiaomi Mi 8 To Get Three New Gradient Colors

Regardless hardware the smartphone comes with, one of its most attractive selling points is the appearance. But this doesn’t mean we should pay attention to the external design elements only. The color plays a big role as well. That’s why many manufacturers spent a lot of money, time, and efforts on conducting researches that will give answers to questions concerning which color options are popular nowadays. In this sense, the smartphone makers can be divided into two groups. The first group of smartphone vendors is conservative and very careful when it comes to adding new colors to their flagships. Among them, we can mention Apple, Xiaomi, etc. The second group of manufacturers brings a lot of color variants. Huawei and Nokia are the best examples. But when something goes viral, even Apple and Xiaomi revise their viewpoint. Today, it became known the new Xiaomi Mi 8 passed TENAA, and it will get three new gradient color variants.

Xiaomi Mi 8

As you remember, the Xiaomi Mi 8 was uncovered on May 31. The original model came in four colors of white, gold, light blue, and black. But as you know, there are two other versions in face of the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and Mi 8 Explorer Edition. The former one comes in bright red, bright blue, gold, and dark gray. So in total, there are the following Xiaomi Mi 8 variants – white, gold, light blue, black, bright red, dark gray, and transparent.

Today, the new model passed through TENAA. And it shows the new Xiaomi Mi 8 will get three new colors in face of a gradient (?), blue-violet gradient, and purple gold gradient. Actually, these color options will boost the sales because the gradient back panels have become very popular recently. There are myriads of smartphones sporting similar bodies. They include the Huawei P20/Pro, Umidigi Z2, Elephone A4 Pro, OPPO R15 Pro, OPPO Find X, Lenovo Z5, etc. So with this move, Xiaomi will let its fans don’t stay behind of other brands’ fans.


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