The Xiaomi Mi 8 series receives Android 9.0 Pie via MIUI 10

Xiaomi has an incredible service through its own OS called MIUI, which is based on Android and currently, its latest version is MIUI 10 based on Android 9 Pie. Despite the holidays, the company has made a series of updates to this system for the Mi 8 series. To be more exact, at this time the update to the new operating system is being implemented in the Mi 8 and Mi 8 Explorer Edition smartphones, while, on the other hand, the users of the Mi 8UD will have to wait a little longer for the arrival of the software.

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Information on this MIUI 10 update

According to the reports presented by the company, this MIUI 10 update will be presenting a new series of features such as the night mode in the camera or even the ability to record in slow motion at 960fps. In addition, the videos recorded with this option can be shared with the contacts through WeChat. With regard to the night mode function, we will be able to take clear photos with the least possible noise at night or in areas with low natural light, and when we capture a photo in a low light situation, the phone will first detect a light source through AI Smart Metering and will automatically determine the exhibition area. In each box, intelligently select 100 key feature points and correct the color at the same time.



Other features offered by this operating system will be, for example, an improved menu of recent applications that serve to better take advantage of the entire screen of the device, that is, instead of organizing the most recent applications in a stack of cards, they will appear side by side, with which you can see up to 6 recent applications at the same time. Xiaomi says that this new update makes use of artificial intelligence for loading times, so the device can anticipate the actions that the user will perform. It also has a driving mode that is based on voice commands.


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