The sales of the Xiaomi Mi 8 have generated a great profit to Xiaomi

It is well known throughout the world that Xiaomi is a company that has the ability to generate a huge amount of profits with each product that brings to the market, and they have always been characterized as a company that has a huge capacity of sales to the public. Currently one of its most important mobile phones is the Xiaomi Mi 8, which is the living representation of the good large-scale sales of the manufacturer.

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The Xiaomi Mi 8 is a huge success

This device is currently the Xiaomi flagship, and thanks to a publication made by the CEO of the company, Lei Jun, on Weibo (China most popular social network), it is known that the terminal has reached a total of 6 million units sold. Note that this Smartphone was launched on May 31, 2018, in Shenzhen, which means that achieved this feat in just 4 months after its official launch.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Price

With this mobile, it is confirmed that Xiaomi is a company that has managed to establish itself properly in the market of high-end mobile phones. In addition to this, as a way of thanking Lei Jun, he announced that the standard version of the Xiaomi Mi 8 will see its price reduced by 200 yuan ($29). This means that the prices will be the following:

  • 6GB + 64GB version: 2499 yuan ($361)
  • 6GB + 128GB version: 2799 yuan ($404)
  • 8GB version + 128GB and 6GB + 256GB: 3099 yuan¬†($448)

The shares of the company rise due to the news of the Xiaomi Mi 8

Given this news, the prices of the Xiaomi group’s shares were on the rise. First, within the session, the price of its shares rose 2.8% for a total of $13.96. You have to know that before its deadline, HK reported a value of $13.78, which means there was an increase of 1.47%. This is something very positive, because, since September 21, the prices of the Xiaomi group have been in decline, to the point that on October 8, it reached the lowest historical maximum that was $13.58, which means a 4.90% drop in the day and more than 20% of the issue prices of HK were at $17.

Xiaomi Shares

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