Lei Jun is showing of the battery life of the Xiaomi Mi 8

Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun, has made a posting on the Weibo social network, showing off about the excellent battery management of the Xiaomi Mi 8. We must remember that this Smartphone is the new flagship of Xiaomi, and is almost completely sold out all over the world, under this context, Lei Jun has commented on the most used social network in China (Weibo) the following sentence:

“The battery life in the Mi 8 is very good, every night when I put it to charge I have 30% – 40% available yet. I’ve been testing the phone’s battery without stopping, to see how long it lasted. My mobile phone now has a remaining 18%. It is estimated that it can still be used for 3 hours. It was already used for 1 day and 11 hours. “, Lei Jun. CEO of Xiaomi.

With these 2 images, Lei Jun made it clear that he has been using the Xiaomi Mi 8 during all this time, but with wifi, which is the way in which we can maximize the battery life. A user to see the graphs and hours do not hesitate to say to Lei Jun “Mr. you work 18 hours a day.” Which was the most prominent comment of this publication because it was a good joke.

Xiaomi Mi 8, an excellent smartphone with a long battery life

It seems that the Xiaomi Mi 8 is an excellent smartphone in terms of battery management, as Lei Jun says, plus one of the first known reviews of the Mi 8 ensure a performance of up to 16 hours in continuous video playback, being slightly better than the Mi Mix 2S which offers 13 hours. However, both models are far below the Mi Max 2, which achieves an incredible 26 hours of continuous video playback, crowned as the model with the highest capacity in hours of playback.

We still have to wait to see what the Mi 8 is capable of in daily use, using 4G and GPS, a more daily use may reduce the performance of which Lei Jun speaks in this post, but it will undoubtedly be excellent for a model that has a battery of 3,400 mAh with fast charge 4.0+

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