Xiaomi Mi 8 camera review: Best from the best

The Xiaomi is spreading its wings under all the direction of the smartphone market. With the latest  Mi 8, Xiaomi has introduced one more flagship smartphone to its smartphone list. The Chinese giant is well known for bringing smartphones with all the latest features and best camera. Last time when Xiaomi has to introduce Mi A1, it became an instant success due to its robust and feature-rich camera. The flagship Mi 8 is coming with powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. The hardware selected by Xiaomi Mi 8 Camera is somehow identical to Mi MIX 2S which was available last year.

The back camera of Xiaomi Mi  8 features a dual 12MP cameras. The first lens is a wide-angle camera with a 1.4µm pixels, f/1.8-aperture lens 1/2.55-inch size sensor, 1.4µm pixels, and a 1/2.55-inch size sensor. The second camera is a short telephoto one with a little slow f/2.4 aperture inbuilt. The other exciting features preinstall in the camera app include latest phase detection with autofocus for faster snaps. The camera app comes well equipped with 4 axis of optical image stabilization (OIS) over the full angle module. The camera can take significant snaps in low light with the LED flash.

Camera Specifications:

  • Dual-camera with wide-angle main and secondary telephoto lenses
  • OIS on the main camera
  • Phase detection autofocus
  • Snapdragon 845 chipset


The Mi 8 is going to succeed its predecessor Mi MIX 2S model. This makes Mi 8 one of the best smartphone camera available on the market. The Mi 8 has a score of 99 points in DxOMark testing. There are tons of changes in the camera of Mi 8 than its previous model. The Xiaomi Mi 8 is exceptionally solid in our still photography class, accomplishing a high Photo score of 105, on account of a mix of precise introduction with an expanded great range in most lighting conditions. Pleasingly rich and striking shading rendering with unbiased white adjust in brilliant light, and by and large all around controlled relics. The autofocus provided in the Mi 8 is fast and responsive. The bokeh effect is pleasant with level blur transition and normal state to highlights.

The areas where we think the camera can improve include the fineness in the keeping the structural detail same and little bit bordering around high-differentiate edges. What’s more, in spite of advances in repeating bokeh, a portion of the rendering is still a little fake looking.

The overall hype about the camera is also not overall true. In video testing, Mi scores 88 points only the Xiaomi Mi 8 isn’t exactly as solid as in stills. Advantages incorporate quick, exact, and smooth self-adjust with the great subject following, appealing shading rendering, and a wide unique range.

Bright day

Xiaomi Mi 8 camera

While using Xiami Mi 8 under direct sunlight or outdoor is fantastic. Clicking pictures in the outdoor environment or under direct sunlight Mi 8 captures astonishingly sharp, exceptionally point by point pictures. It additionally conveys very accurate exposures under an extensive variety of conditions, and pictures are generally impartial, if with to some degree strikingly rendered hues. Against the organization’s Mi MIX 2S, there’s been a slight change in the dynamic range, and the Mi 8 comes near the best contenders, catching a full tonal range alongside copious amounts of detail in the two shadows and features.

The overall noise level is all around controlled, especially in regions of uniform shading, for example, the blue sky, and in addition in troublesome shadow districts. The texture or coarser structure details are visible in every picture we clicked.  However sometimes noise reduction level creates the loss of more exceptional details in stills. We additionally observed some extremely slight shading now and again in regions of uniform shading. For example, light-hued dividers or foundations, and there’s some bordering unmistakable along high-differentiate edges. In some cases without any need to zoom in to get clear pictures.

Low light and Flash

Xiaomi Mi 8 camera

Most of the smartphone available in the market don’t have satisfactory performance in low light. The Xiaomi Mi 8 is a decent entertainer in low-light levels, settling on it a firm decision for picture takers who need not too lousy quality pictures inside and under additionally tricky conditions. The camera can take beautiful pictures even in low light density (5 lux) with accurate and reliable exposure control. Rendering is much similar to what we saw in brilliant light, with striking yet charming looking hues under different light sources. In terms of white balance which is mostly right, you can experience a slight yellow-green cast sometimes. Most of the times it happens while taking pictures with whitewash wall background. Point shading is now and then unmistakable also, with a green cast perceptible in the focal point of the edge and a purple cast at the fringe.

Self-adjust autofocus execution remains a solid point — quick and exact even in low light. With pictures that are obscure free, because of a blend of good ISO, introduction time, and picture adjustment. So you can take individual images with sharp, very much uncovered shots with not too bad shading.

Zoom and Bokeh

The Xiaomi Mi 8’s more extended, 56mm-comparable “tele” focal point on the auxiliary camera module empowers optical zooming and is likewise used to make the foundation obscuring bokeh impact. Generally speaking, the outcomes are fundamentally the same as the Mi MIX 2S’s, as you will see from the examples and further points of interest in the “Photograph scores clarified” segment underneath.

Photograph scores clarified

With an aggregate photograph score of 105 focuses, the Xiaomi Mi 8 positions nearby a portion of the best gadgets we’ve seen. Also, accomplished one of the most noteworthy scores for stills in our testing to date. The overall Photo score is computed from sub-scores in tests that look at changed parts of its execution under various lighting conditions. In this area, we’ll investigate these picture quality sub-scores.

Contrast (92)

A high score for introduction and difference, on account of precise outcomes in our test scenes and reliably correct target exposures of our test outlines, when shooting under very much adjusted lighting conditions in the lab. Dynamic range is near the best contenders, for example, the iPhone X and the Google Pixel 2, as should be evident in the examples beneath.

The camera scores more than enough what we expected in terms of low light condition. The video recording does not provide the same result as stills. However, it can still be taken into use while shooting in the outdoor environment in low light conditions.

Xiaomi Mi 8 camera

Shading (86)

The Xiaomi Mi 8 accomplishes a fantastic score for shading, because of for the most part impartial white adjust in an extensive variety of lighting conditions. It has rich and distinctive shading rendering in open air shots, and excellent outcomes in low light too. In the correlation shot beneath, you can see that the Mi 8 renders hues with regular or practical looking blues and greens and in addition nonpartisan white and hazy areas.

Xiaomi Mi 8 camera
Xiaomi Mi 8, color rendering

Xiaomi Mi 8 camera Autofocus (98)

Self-adjust or autofocus execution on the Xiaomi Mi 8 is a feature, with the camera accomplishing a standout amongst other scores we’ve seen to date. In our benchmark lab investigation, amid which we defocus the focal point amongst shots and after that hold up either a short (500ms) or long (2000ms) delay before asking for the center. The Xiaomi Mi 8 was quick in action, discovering concentrate reliably and precisely in all lighting conditions.

Xiaomi Mi 8 camera Texture (70)

The Xiaomi Mi 8 catches fantastic detail and surface outside in the brilliant light. It comes near a portion of the best gadgets we’ve tried. However maybe not precisely a counterpart for the Huawei P20, with its monochrome sensor helping point of interest conservation. In any case, the Mi 8 keeps on performing great against the Apple iPhone X in our static scenes at 20 lux and 1000 Lux.

Against the prior Mi MIX 2S, Xiaomi has enhanced surface and excellent detail version, especially in low light. This is chiefly due to the utilization of somewhat higher ISO esteems that outcome in speedier shade paces and more sharp pictures. In the event that you take a gander at the harvests beneath taken at 20 lux, you’ll see that the Mi 8 is perceptibly better at saving fine detail in low light than the Mi MIX 2S. Some fine detail is lost in the last’s 20 lux trim underneath because of slight camera shake.

Xiaomi Mi 8 camera Noise (72)

The drawback to the camera’s higher ISO decision in low light is marginally expanded. Noise levels when contrasted with the Mi MIX 2S, provide with general pictures that still look clean, and the quality is excellent.

In spite of the marginally higher noise levels than the Mi MIX 2S, the Mi 8 still accomplishes a decent score for the commotion. All the low levels in open air scenes and all the more difficult low-light scenes. Against coordinate contenders, for example, the Huawei P20 and the Apple iPhone X, the Mi 8’s picture comes about take a gander at both 100 lux and even lower light levels (20 lux).

Xiaomi Mi 8 camera

Xiaomi Mi 8 camera Artifacts  (72)

Artifacts are when all done and controlled in general. With the particular case may be of infrequent shaded bordering. This is ordinarily unmistakable along high-differentiate edges in beautiful scenes. Moreover, for the most part, is just extremely obvious when looking carefully. However now and then it’s very self-evident, as should be evident in the example beneath.

Xiaomi Mi 8 (color fringing, full size)







Xiaomi Mi 8 camera Flash (85)

A decent score for the Flash, on account of precise and steady presentation from edge to outline. For a LED unit, the glimmer has excellent power and incredible constriction or all around controlled corner and shading. White, you have to adjust for the most part exact without extra light sources. In any case, a slight yellow shading cast is unmistakable when blended with tungsten, regardless of whether it’s scarcely perceptible. Both luminance and chromatic clamor are low in every single glimmer picture. Because of the sharp commotion decrease, which in any case additionally holds great levels of fine detail.

Xiaomi Mi 8 camera Zoom (47)

This is a decent score for zoom. It is particularly competent at 2x amplification in both outside and indoor lighting conditions (100 lux). To be sure, the Xiaomi Mi 8 catches very elevated amounts of detail at 100 lux. With the Mi MIX 2S, Xiaomi has additionally enhanced self-adjust soundness, with much smoother center activity. Troublesome shading commotion is low. However, some luminance clamor is unmistakable. Usually, the zoom execution isn’t comparable to you zoom through to x8 amplification. With the usual drop-off in sharpness and detail conservation, yet the Xiaomi Mi 8 still offers a decent trade-off amongst surface and commotion.

As should be evident in the examples beneath, the Xiaomi Mi 8’s detail interpretation is like the iPhone X’s in brilliant light. It drops off marginally as the light gets dimmer. At 20 lux, comes about stay adequate, yet the loss of detail turns out to be more self-evident.

Xiaomi Mi 8 camera Bokeh (50)

An excellent score for the bokeh reenactment mode which renders a very successful and for the most part sensible looking foundation obscure. With smooth changes before and behind the subject. Depth estimation is generally precise, with for the most part exact subject concealing. The bokeh effect is beautiful and can be used for both portrait or selfies. There can be some little blunders and relics, for the most part including moving items, are here and there observable on close assessment. It gives a decent round shape to spectral features when included.

Bokeh pictures generally display proper backdrop segmentation and even blur transitions.
Some masking errors are evident around the subject hand in this still.




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Video scores clarified

The Xiaomi Mi 8 accomplishes a decent Video score of 88 points in our tests. With the main frail focuses being the adjustment that produces a recognizable display, and clamor in low light. We compute the general video score utilizing the accompanying video sub-scores. Exposure (81), Color (83), Autofocus (96), Texture (51), Noise (71), Artifacts (70), and Stabilization (83).

The Mi 8’s principle video qualities are autofocus, which is quick exact and offers following excellent capacities. It has following unique capacities that guarantee that subjects stay in center. Regardless of whether you’re planning or moving with respect to your subject. Furthermore, the Xiaomi amends for the diverting “center breathing”. That we see on some different gadgets when the encircling is changed amid recording. The Mi 8 likewise creates ordinarily accurate exposures and white adjust. However, a few anomalies were noticeable. The dynamic range in recordings is excellent. With the Mi 8 catching high levels of detail in the brightest and darkest locales of high-differentiate scenes.

Shading is additionally great in low light, catching marginally more clear shading contrasted with premium adversaries. However, the outcome is lovely and not very overwhelming. Likewise, with stills, the Mi 8 offers a decent harmony amongst surface and clamor in video cuts. Be that as it may, detail protection of quality isn’t exactly at the level of its best adversaries.


If you are looking for a flagship smartphone for you.  Xiaomi won’t be the principal name to consider when searching for a top of the line cell phone. The Xiaomi Mi 8 camera performance is up there as the best. The Mi 8 camera is able to click some super-quick and precise autofocus shots that comes only in higher-end devices. Alongside the great exposures and detail version under in the extensive variety of lighting conditions. It be use in tremendous range and a really convenient fax choice with excellent quality 2x amplification. Moreover, additionally a viable reproduced bokeh mode to click DSLR like images. The Mi 8 is additionally a strong entertainer in video mode. All of which, when assembled, make for a profoundly appealing bundle and a decent offer.





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