Xiaomi Mi 6X Design: Similar Form Factor but Better

Design transformation on the cost of battery juice?

So, The Xiaomi Mi 6X was launched in the Chinese market last week. Xiaomi, who is not just a smartphone manufacturer anymore have been doing great in Chinese and Indian markets so far. This is all because of their technology and the design adaptation. There are some recent insights that suggest towards their methodologies regarding Xiaomi Mi 6X Design.


According to the images that have been posted on, it is clear that Xiaomi has launched something that has a close resemblance to the iPhone X.

Xiaomi Mi 6X Design: Similarity with iPhone X – Transformation

As per the images, if Xiaomi Mi 6X has to be thinned down the camera module must be protruded to compensate the space for the camera sensor.

Not to forget, the predecessor complemented the camera hump well, and as per my opinion, Xiaomi has gone with the thinner form factor because, with the infinity type bezel-less screen, thickness won’t go along.

Xiaomi Mi 6X poster websiteXiaomi Mi 6X Design transformations

What all we know about Xiaomi Mi 6X Design till now?

The Indian or Global variant will be launched as the tag name Xiaomi Mi A2 sometime later.

According to the speculators, Xiaomi Mi 6X is a bit thinned down version of its predecessor. Not much but just a bit.

Just have a look at the battery capacities of the new Xiaomi Mi 6X – it is 3010 mAh, and the predecessor Mi A1 (Indian variant) had 3080 mAh. It seems like Xiaomi may have tweaked the device a little more to deliver the same battery backup.

Unlike previous year Xiaomi has planned to come up with some more names based on the color of Xiaomi Mi 6X. You’ll see Mi 6X in, Sand Gold, Flame Red, Glacier Blue, Black, and Cherry Pink colors.

What do you think about this step taken by Xiaomi of reducing the battery juice? Comment down below and share your opinions.


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