Xiaomi Mi 6 vs Xiaomi Mi 5S: What’s Been Improved?

Last year when Xiaomi launched the next-gen Mi 5S, many were thinking this phone won’t succeed like its predecessor, a legend Xiaomi Mi 5. Unfortunately, those who have been thinking so were right. The Xiaomi Mi 5S couldn’t attract customers, though it sports too powerful features. The reason why this happened is related to the rumors. As I like to say, the Xiaomi Mi 5S had been rumored too much. All the latest innovations had been attributed to it. So when this handset was launched, people were disappointed that their expectations weren’t fulfilled. But what’s Xiaomi’s fault? Well, we have talked about this too many times. So I am offering to find out what has Xiaomi changed in the Mi 6, which has managed to conquer the world. Yes, we know it uses a ceramic housing. The back is curved. There are a few design improvements as well. But what’s been changed in hardware? Has it become as powerful as many think? Was the Xiaomi Mi 5S so weak? To understand all these concerning cases we have to dig deeper. Let’s compare the Xiaomi Mi 6 and Xiaomi Mi 5S in terms of performance.


Chapter 1: Overall Performance

Before we start comparison let’s put the Xiaomi Mi 6 in a few benchmark test to learn how much it scores. The phone has been tested at AnTuTu for a few times and it scored 168.015 averagely. Also, note the 3D score is around 70.000. It’s 30%-40% higher than the iPhone 7.


The processor performance is great as well. It scored 1.927 and 6.299 points averagely at single-core and multi-core tests, respectively.


We used 3D Mark for evaluating the graphics performance. It scored 2.799 points.


Finally, we decided to test the storage speed via AndroBench. We have already compared it with the Huawei Honor 9, and we know thanks to UFS2.1 storage it can beat any rival. The final test result is 700mb/s.


To summarize the first part of comparison let’s recall the Xiaomi Mi 5S scores. The latter comes with a Snapdragon 821 chip, which was the most powerful chip before the Snapdragon 835 appeared on the Mi 6 and other top-notch models. It scored 164.002 at AnTuTu that was one of the best results. Thus the Mi 5S is too close to the Mi 6 in terms of overall performance. The same can’t be said about the graphics because the Mi 5S and other models powered with Adreno 530 score up to 2.000 points.

So we can conclude the overall chip performance has been increased, but the Mi 5S showcases great results that means this model is simply misjudged.


Chapter 2: Endurance and Temperature

The Xiaomi Mi 6 features a 3350mAh battery, while its predecessor is packed with a 3200mAh capacity battery. Seems both models should showcase identical performance, but it’s not so. Thanks to Snapdragon 835 the power consumption was improved a lot. As a result, the Xiaomi Mi 6 shows 10 hours and 22 minutes of heavy usage, while its sibling shows 8 hours and 11 minutes. The Mi 6 provides 2 hours of longer lifetime.

Generally, you can see how the Snapdragon 835 behaves in other situations in this comparison article.


The SoC in the Mi 6 is better than the Snapdragon 821. This causes no doubts. But how the manufacturer has solved the problem with heating? According to CPU Temp results, the Xiaomi Mi 5S reaches the maximum temperature of 37 degrees, while the newer Mi 6 reaches to 48 degrees. This means there is no solution for this problem yet, and the older Mi flagship wins.



The current flagship of Xiaomi is too powerful by no mean. But the Xiaomi Mi 5S is still capable of making some competition to it. This means Xiaomi makes a ton of improvements on its flagships, but the older models are still attractive to customers. This statement is even true for the smartphones from the same generation. Just take a quick look at the Mi 5 vs Mi 5S vs Mi 5S Plus comparison and you’ll get what I mean.

However, let’s not forget with the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 5S we said goodbye to a whole era of wallet-friendly smartphones. I mean the Xiaomi Mi 6 is a bit more expensive, so it’s reasonable why some of its features outrun the Mi 5S.


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