This could be the design of Xiaomi Mi 6 – Prototype Leaked!

This afternoon Weibo went on fire when a user @ChaunceyChau posted some suspected images of Xiaomi’s next year’s hottest flagship ‘Xiaomi Mi 6’.

Xiaomi Mi 6

The images indicate the front and rear of Xiaomi Mi 6. Diving in the details, in the front we can see that Mi 6 integrates a bezel-less and curved screen. It also passes the heritage of using the incredible ultrasonic fingerprint reader.

Meanwhile, on the rear, a single camera with dual LED flash is situated on the top left similar to its predecessor, The most interesting aspect is the serial number mentioned on the bottom which proves that it’s not the real Xiaomi Mi 6 but a prototype. As everyone knows that Mi 6 is not in mass production, still the layout is being suggested for the flagship and the image shows one of the prototypes. Moreover, the entire smartphone uses pebble design which further exaggerates its charm.

Could this be the legendary Xiaomi Mi 6, who knows? Only time could tell. What do you think?




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