Xiaomi Mi 6 Blue Broken: Looks Deplorable

Probably the hardest decision for smartphone makers is the housing material. If a phone comes with a plastic body, it will get hotter quickly. Plus, devices with such a body bring a cheap-phone-look. If a phone features a metal housing, it is heavier. Fingerprints are left on it easily. And finally, it’s uncomfortable to hold when it gets hotter. So top brands and those companies that want to make a worthy high-end smartphone, pack them with either ceramic or glass housing. The latter can be found on many Apple and Sony products. As for Xiaomi, the most wanted material for Mi devices is ceramic. The first handset with such a housing was the Xiaomi Mi 5. The next-gen Xiaomi Mi 5S came with a metal body. And when the Mi MIX was released, we started to believe high-end phones of this company will feature ceramic housing in the future. Fortunately, the Xiaomi Mi 6 didn’t disappoint us.

Xiaomi Mi 6

The Xiaomi Mi 6 has been launched a few days back. One of its key features is the four-sided curved design as well as ceramic / glass housing. There are several color options including black, white, silver and blue. The latter is available is made of glass. Though it looks too attractive, it’s fragile as well. Like the case of the Xiaomi Mi MIX this handset has already managed to get broken. As you can see, its back is damaged and there are a few meandering cracks.

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However, still no info on whether there is an option to give some money for an insurance, but I guess the manufacturer will come with anything like that. Othervise, you will have to pay a fortune to repair it.

As a reminder, the Xiaomi Mi 6 will officially go on sale on April 28 at a price tag starting at 2499 Yuan ($363).



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  1. Metal housing attracts fingerprint? How absurd. Plastic and glass are the ones that attract fingerprint. And which iPhone has glass backing?

      1. Yeah but that was from more than 5 generations ago. They haven’t made a glass back phone since then. I’d hardly call that a trademark of Apple anymore.

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