Xiaomi Mi 5S Outruns LeEco Le Pro 3 In A Benchmark Test

There are only two smartphones running the latest Snapdragon 821 CPU. The first one is the Asus ZenFone 3, while the next one is the freshly announced the LeEco Le Pro 3. But we know Xiaomi is going to announce its upcoming flagship on September 27 at a special conference. This forthcoming model is dubbed as the Xiaomi Mi 5S, and it will be packed with the same Snapdragon 821 CPU. But do you really think all those models will provide the same performance? If you still think the SoC decides everything, look at the benchmark test results.


The Xiaomi Mi 5S scored 164002 points, which is higher than the LeEco Le Pro 3’s result – 163 594 points. This simply means Xiaomi is capable of using the same resources more effectively and provide better performance. Moreover, before other Snapdragon 821-packed devices are launched, the Mi 5S will be the king. On the other hand, even when it happens, the Chinese Apple has no reason to worry about a thing, because it has prepared the advanced version of its flagship called the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus. If you remember, the latter comes with a 5.7-inch 2K screen and Sony’s IMX378 sensor + OIS.

Anyway, the Xiaomi Mi 5S is packed with a 5.15-inch 1080P display, 4GB/6GB of RAM, a 12MP rear camera with Sony’s IMX378 sensor, and ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under glass. The latter makes it the first under glass fingerprint scanner handset in the world. But if the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus is launched at the same time with its sibling, there will be two such handsets, but what’s amazing – both handsets will come our way from Xiaomi. At last, we know Xiaomi will pack its upcoming flagships with Mi Pay feature, which means it is very serious. So I guess Xiaomi will improve its positions this year.



Argam Artashyan

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  1. LePro 3 uses the 2.35Ghz SD821 while the Mi5s uses the SLOWER, 2.15Ghz version. The le pro 3 is definately faster, it gets 160.000 and Mi5s gets 125.000 score…

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