Xiaomi Mi 5C Best Price Drop, Now $199.99 (including shipping) – Top 3 Reasons to Buy it in 2017!

XiaomiToday continues to provide you the mouth opening deals with a stupendous price drop of the day. Yesterday, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 price hitting rock-bottom for 6.12 globally. But today, the most recent smartphone to the list is the budget-friendly member of Mi 5 family, ‘Xiaomi Mi 5C’. The phone has an original price which is above 0. But Gearbest is here to save the day with an incredible offer. Xiaomi Mi 5C best price on the internet is here for limited coupons (given below), which is 9.99 including the shipping cost.

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Before you buy one, here are the top 3 reasons to get a Mi 5C in 2017:

Xiaomi Mi 5C – The Top Three Reasons to Buy

1) A Perfect 5.15-incher with Full-HD Display and Freaking 550 nits brightness

If you are among the users who prefer a mid way between 4-inch and 5.5-inch display smartphones, then this 5.15-inch is a perfect choice. These days it’s too rare to see a Xiaomi smartphone under 5.5-inch display as it’s the standard display. Xiaomi Mi 5C is among the few Chinese smartphones with the perfect 5.15-inch screen, neither too small nor too big. Moreover, the resolution is Full-HD with a freaking brightness of 550 nits, for the best outdoor use and the minimum reflection under sunlight. We don’t need to manually adjust the brightness as there are 2048 automatic brightness adjustment levels. It’s simply the best you can get from a JDI screen panel.

2) A Premium & Better iPhone 5S

You may have noticed that the design of the flagship greatly matches Apple’s iPhone 5S, especially the rear chassis. Xiaomi Mi 5C regardless of being a low-ender in Mi 5 family, features a premium metal chassis undergoing CNC process. The top and the bottom reserves the traditional image of plastic antenna layout.

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In addition, ultra-narrow 1.66mm bezels surround the screen of Mi 5C. For a pleasing effect, the fingerprint rear shifts from rear to the front home button. Xiaomi has kept, Xiaomi Mi 5C simple with a Mi logo on the lower back. Here’s the picture comparison of Xiaomi Mi 5C vs iPhone 5S:

We may witness the 5C with a totally new and unique look when compared to the entire Xiaomi smartphones, till date.

3) The First Phone to Feature Xiaomi’s own SoC

Xiaomi went step-up with the release of Xiaomi Mi 5C. The phone was a perfect opportunity for Xiaomi to release its own SoC and compete with Qualcomm, Huawei, and Samsung. Under the hood, we find Pinecone V670 aka Xiaomi Surge S1, an Octa Core SoC running at 2.2GHz. When combined with 3 gigs of RAM and 64GB storage, the SoC yields a mid-end performance of more than 60,000 points on AnTuTu. If Xiaomi could have been better with the process which is 28nm HPC, the SoC would have been truly ground breaking. Still, it’s an appreciable effort from Xiaomi as its first SoC. Die hard Xiaomi fans might just love a Xiaomi phone with Xiaomi SoC. Right?

Xiaomi Mi 5C Specs

Price & Availability

If you are interested you can get Xiaomi Mi 5C best price on Gearbest which is $214.95. But, you can still get it for the lowest price of $199.99 including the shipping cost, if you apply the coupon code:


Xiaomi Mi 5C Best Price Deal

Hurry up as the coupons are limited. Here’s the link to the store:



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