Xiaomi Mi 5 – The Sample Photos have been released!

Xiaomi Mi 5 is so much prominent and near to it’s official date. The anticipation for this terminal has reached a new level. Previously, we were able to find the leaks and exposures from the company, business days and conferences. And now even in holidays, the promotion of Mi 5 has not been stopped.

In today’s evening, the president of Xiaomi ‘Lin Bin’ while enjoying his holidays, took two photos from the phone none other than the 16 MP rear camera of Xiaomi Mi 5 and shared them on Weibo.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Camera

From the picture below, we see a view of a beach. The vision captured from the camera is close- ranged, detailed, very clear and the color production is also quite accurate. But the overall feeling is a little bit dim (not so warm).

Xiaomi Mi 5 Sample Photo 1

The most amazing aspect is the fast focusing on the bird. In the picture the bird is very clear and although it’s flying, but the camera has captured the movement without the slightest blur visible. This looks like that the camera with laser autofocus, optical image stabilization and a dual-tone LED flash might be good in sports.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Sample Photo 2



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