Double offer in CAFAGO for the Xiaomi Men Razor Set for $16.40 and $37.02 (including replaceable parts)

Xiaomi continues its philosophy of expanding into different markets, revolutionizing the lifestyle of users from any possible aspect. Now, CAFAGO offers us a double offer for the acquisition of the Set 3 in 1 Xiaomi Men Razor, taking advantage of the first coupon for the acquisition of the Set 3 in 1, or taking advantage of the second coupon for the same acquisition plus 4 replaceable pieces.

Xiaomi Men Razor: Design

Xiaomi Men Razor Material

The Xiaomi Men Razor has dimensions of 597 x 294 x 780 mm, being a fairly regular size, its weight is about 300g facilitates a firmer grip and a precise cut. Available in black, with blue details, the Xiaomi Men Razor Set has a stylized design made of polypropylene and aluminum alloy materials.

Xiaomi Men Razor Circle

The removable head in its upper part has 6 blades and a lubricating tape in blue. On the other hand, the handle facilitates the grip thanks to its non-slip ability even when it is wet.

The product also has a solid base that, besides being functional, gives a great aesthetic touch to the environment, modern and stylized, this base is still minimalistic and practical.

Xiaomi Men Razor: Characteristics

Xiaomi Men Razor Blue

The Set 3 in 1 Xiaomi Men Razor has Premium functionality and the best quality at the time of use, its 6-bladed head is antioxidant, ensuring its durability for a long period of time.

The head has a wider shaving angle, which allows it to adapt to the facial contour, considerably reducing the chances of cutting when using the product.

Its design facilitates cleaning and prevents the proliferation of unwanted particles, in addition, the lubricant strip minimizes irritation when using the shaver, being in combination a hygienic and pleasant experience.

The sheets are made of the best quality material, with just one pass you will obtain a flush cut, in addition to maintaining a precise cut.

Xiaomi Men Razor: Offer in CAFAGO [Set 3 in 1]

The Set 3 in 1 Xiaomi Men Razor can be purchased through CAFAGO for a price of $22.39 (€ 19.37), by including the coupon PS0276, valid until July 21, you can get Set 3 in 1 for $ 16.40 (€ 14.19).

Coupon: PS0276

Xiaomi Men Razor: Offer in CAFAGO [Set 3 in 1 + 4 replaceable parts]

You can also purchase the set at the same store for $ 53.75 (€ 46.50) including 4 replaceable parts, and with the PS0002 coupon, you can get the Set 3 in 1 Xiaomi Men Razor including 4 replaceable pieces for only $37.02 (€ 32.02).

Coupon: PS0002

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