Get The Xiaomi Medical LCD Electronic Thermometer For Just $4.89

Xiaomi is seriously expanding its horizon overall areas of life. Now Xiaomi comes with the Xiaomi Medical LCD Electronic Thermometer,  a safe, accurate device for measuring human body temperature orally, rectally or axillary (underarm). Like we all know, Xiaomi always endeavor as much as possible to bit down the prices of their products so that everyone would be able to get the products at a very cheap rate. The Xiaomi Medical LCD Electronic Thermometer is not short of this as it is currently available on Gearbest for $4.89

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Xiaomi MMC - W201 Dual-purpose Portable LCD Medical Electronic Thermometer

Xiaomi Medical LCD Electronic Thermometer: Perfect Temperature Checker

The Xiaomi Medical LCD Electronic Thermometer is fabricated from ABS materials, making it a very solid device. It has a dimension of 13.20 x 2.05 x 0.96 cm and weighs just 12grams, with this you can easily and comfortably carry your thermometer anywhere you are going to. It comes with a waterproof detection part, making it easy and convenient to clean. Unlike other Thermometer, The battery cover adopts a unique annular buckle design, which is easy to open for adults and not easily opened by children due to the way of opening.It has high toughness, unbreakable, portable and easy to use due to its transparent PC storage sleeve.

Xiaomi MMC - W201 Dual-purpose Portable LCD Medical Electronic Thermometer

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The Xiaomi Medical LCD Electronic Thermometer sports an amazingly clear 18.8mm LCD screen, which displays very clear results, easy to read for both adults and children. It adopts high precision thermistor and the analog-to-digital conversion module. The LCD Electronic Thermometer measurement accuracy reaches 0.1-degree Celsius at 35 deg.C – 39 deg.C. Discover subtle changes in the body temperature sensitivity and guard the health of your family with this thermometer.

Xiaomi MMC - W201 Dual-purpose Portable LCD Medical Electronic Thermometer

Unlike the traditional mercury thermometer, the Xiaomi LCD Electronic Thermometer doesn’t contain mercury which means you don’t have to worry about the hazard of broken glass or mercury leaks, healthy and environmental protection. The device is embedded with beep alert, which indicates that the temperature measurement is over. This is a very sure way of having an accurate result. With this thermometer, you can store previous temperature measurement for comparison. The device also turns itself off after 5mins of being idle(After the last measurement).

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Where To Buy The Xiaomi Medical LCD Electronic Thermometer

The Xiaomi Medical LCD Electronic Thermometer is currently available on Gearbest for just $4.89



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