Xiaomi Max 2 First Impressions – WHAT A BEAUTY!

Xiaomi Max 2 was just unveiled, but now let’s take a good look at the box and phone itself.

Xiaomi Max 2 Package

True to their origin, Xiaomi style box with warranty, QC charger and USB-C cable. Of course, one cannot forget the Mi Max 2 itself.

xiaomi max 2


Xiaomi Max 2 First Look

For a 6.4 – inch device Mi Max 2 is quite thin, light and elegant. Mi Max 2 is an engineering feat, as this is a 5300mAh battery phone, which is just 8mm thick!

xiaomi max 2 first look


Headlining the bottom part are USB-C port with two speakers on each side.


Moving up we see the traditional Xiaomi Logo on the premium silver back made out of metal.

Choosing to implement both antennas on the top and bottom will certainly boost cellular reception. Upgrading the camera to a 12MP Sony IMX386 sensor with dual-tone flash and 1.25-micron pixel size to produce better low-light shots.
Operating such a large device using a front fingerprint scanner would be foolish therefore Xiaomi has thoughtfully provided a back-mounted fingerprint.


Now, let’s examine the front side.

Xiaomi’s new phablet retains its¬†distinguishable front-side features with capacitive touch buttons.



All three buttons are backlit.

xiaomi max 2

Finally, we come to the display and front camera.
Most manufacturers would prefer to increase the resolution to 1440p/QHD, but Xiaomi has opted for better sunlight visibility and colour accuracy. Retaining a 1080p panel, this display is flagship worthy, as good as on the Mi5S Plus.
Placed above is the modest 5MP f/2.0 front camera, that should be good enough for decent selfies and vlogging.


Stay tuned to for Xiaomi Mi Max 2 full review in the coming days!





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