Xiaomi M1 smart clothes dryer machine now for just $541.63

Xiaomi M1 smart clothes dryer machine is now available for purchase. 

Nowadays xiaomi company is very famous for their products. Now xiaomi make M1 smart clothes dryer machine. This dryer machine is very necessary for homes for drying the clothes. Some time due to heavy rainfall your clothes do not dry naturally then this dry machine is working for drying the clothes easily. Some people have wished the clothes dry in few minutes so now you can do complete the wish with M1 dry machine.

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Features of Xiaomi Mi Smart Clothes Dryer machine

This machine would be very useful to people that suffer from large rainfall, or people that do not usually like to dry their clothes outside. With this M1 machine, you can dry clothes very easily. This machine sports a minimalist body with Nordic style and visual comfort. The dimension of the M1 machine is 102.40 x 49.60 x 15.60 cm and weighing 8kg. This dimension does not consume much space. The machine usually fixed on the roof. It comes with aluminum alloy clothes rail.

Xiaomi clothes dryer machine

The clothes rail is made of high-quality aluminum alloy which is resistant to oxidation and rust and more durable. The clothes rail adjusting clothes simply. The long extension of the M1 drying machine is up to 168.5cm, shrinking at will and drying clothes more. In additional M1 dry machine holds 24 small pieces of clothing during working. The machines sport an LED omnidirectional illumination with this you do not have to worry of large pieces of clothing blocking. During the drying process, large size light emitting reduce the problem if excessive clothing. It comes with a built-in 700mm x 200mm large sized light panel.

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Xiaomi mi Dryer Machine

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This M1 drying machine can be operated with a single switch. This machine is very simple to operate. The illiterate person also operates this machine easily. M1 is a very flexible and durable product.



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