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Xiaomi Linptech 110-240V Wireless Doorbell Offered For $14.49: No battery, self-powered Doorbell

We are gradually getting used to the wide portfolio of Xiaomi products. We are always making sure that nothing can surprise us anyway. Now it’s the Xiaomi Linptech doorbell. Quick and easy installation and great features make it the best seller you desire.

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No battery, self-powered

Xiaomi Linptech door wireless doorbell consists of a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter, ie the button that triggers the bell, is located outside. It has a circle shape with a diameter of 67 mm, is only 19 mm thick and weighs 43 g. It can be placed up to 50 m away from the receiver.

With a simple push, the  integrated generator generates enough energy to send a pulse from the transmitter to the receiver, which starts ringing. The device operates at a frequency of 433.92 MHz at an output of 10 dBm.

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The transmitter is easy to install by gluing the double-sided adhesive profile included in the package. If the wall is not suitable for gluing, screw the plastic profile that is in the package to it before using a double-sided adhesive profile.

The receiver has a circle shape with a diameter of 68 mm and a thickness of 31 mm . Its weight is 74 g . It is placed in a power plug and a small disadvantage is that you will need to use a European power plug adapter for use with us. But you can get it for a few euros.

Five volume levels and up to 36 different ringtones can be set on the receiver  . If you later buy another transmitter at the second entrance, you can set different ringtones for that transmitter on a single receiver.

In addition, you can connect the Xiaomi Linptech wireless doorbell with WiFi to Mi Home to pair your device with other smart home products. The entire intelligent doorbell system is made of high-quality polycarbonate and comes in neutral white.



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