[Super Deal] Xiaomi LEXY JIMMY JV71: Vertical Wireless Vacuum Cleaner For Just $299.99

The Xiaomi LEXY JIMMY JV71 boasts a low center of gravity design that improves the fit of the roller brush and the ground, reducing the overall weight of the device. Moreover, the roller design lowers the power of the hand push allowing you to push it lightly without breaking a sweat.

Buy Xiaomi LEXY JIMMY JV71 For Just at $299.99


The Xiaomi LEXY JIMMY JV71 vacuum cleaner is the cleaning revolution that Xiaomi has launched on the market. It is a household appliance that does not need to be plugged into the network to work. This is much more comfortable. When your battery runs out, you just have to charge it and it will be ready again to work. Thanks to the design of your brush, it is able to reach the corners of more difficult access. Those that no other vacuum cleaner reaches are a piece of cake for this Xiaomi invention. It is a mess making the dirt disappear. In addition, the strands or hair do not get entangled in the coil, as usually happens with other vacuum cleaners. It is much easier and faster to clean with this Xiaomi LEXY JIMMY JV71 vacuum cleaner than those of the competition.

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It is ideal for all types of floors: wood, terrazzo, marble, etc. And it is especially thought to combat dust and mites, making it perfect for allergy sufferers. It has a completely ergonomic design, so you do not get tired for a long time while cleaning. It is incredibly light, so it will not need the effort to move it through the floors of your home. Also, unlike others, you do not have to support it when you do not hold on, as it keeps itself alone vertically. Pure magic. Despite sporting a simplistic design, the Rodmi F8 is capable of efficiently performing housework. Equipped with multiple whirling dragon duct system, the F8 can be used for a whopping 50 minutes after charging it for only 2.5 hours.

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