Xiaomi LERAVAN 3D Compress Massage Pillow For $129.99

Over the years, Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi has proven that it is a trusted manufacturer which has a name to protect. The company has been producing durable and cheap products which are performing quite well in the market.  Indeed, its products are usually about 40% less expensive than competing products, and their authenticity is beyond doubt. Now, the company has released the Xiaomi LERAVAN 3D Compress Massage Pillow which is a 3D massage pillow and it is a massive upgrade to the Mi home electronic TENS pulse therapy massage machine.

Xiaomi LERAVAN 3D Compress Massage Pillow – Elegant & Sleek

With this massager, you can relax your body anytime and anywhere. This product helps to relieve muscle unease and fatigue. It also helps in relieving the nerve, and it restores your body vitality quickly.  It uses a 3D simulation massage surrounding kneading local meridian to relieve the muscle tension. Its built-in PTC heating promotes blood circulation and relieves muscle fatigue. With this massager, you are just one click away for that perfect relaxation that you so desire. It is suitable for the shoulder, neck, abdomen, leg, waist and other parts of the body.

All you have to do is place the massage pillow in a suitable position and place the desired part of the body to be massaged on it. It uses its strong torsion and smashes sore muscles. The pillow adopts the heat-resistant and environmentally-friendly POM material and the massage head of different sizes form a wrap-around such that one is high, another is low while the third is light and the fourth heavy. Every minute, the rotation direction of the massage movement is automatically reversed which accurately knead the local meridians and relieve the muscle tension.

The Xiaomi LERAVAN 3D Compress Massage Pillow comes with a universal USB Type-C port design which is compatible with the full range of Xiaomi Type-C charging adapter and it supports QC fast charge. It lasts for about four hours thus it can be used for four days if you message for 30 minutes each day

Where To Buy The  Xiaomi LERAVAN 3D Compress Massage Pillow

The X Xiaomi LERAVAN 3D Compress Massage Pillow is currently available on Gearbest for $129.99



I have been a strong follower of Android devices since the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Right now, Chinese tech completely fascinates me because they are probably the only manufacturers who tries to merge budget and specs.

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