Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun, shares the company’s plans for this 2019

It is just beginning the year 2019 and we already have important news about Xiaomi and this is due to the fact that it is pointing to a scenario that could allow it to take its company through the clouds, although for this, certain factors must be given, so there is still some way to go, however, today we will know a little more about the plans of Xiaomi as revealed by its CEO, Lei Jun.

Lei Jun shares Xiaomi’s plans for this 2019

Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun, gave an interview on Bloomberg, in which he commented on the company’s plans for this year 2019, with the inclusion of 5G technology, his ace up his sleeve. We know that the Chinese manufacturer had a fall of around $6 billion, a quite resounding number, but not for that Lei Jun showed discouragement, in fact, he said the following:

The company is adopting next generation technologies that should boost the demand of our smartphones.

We must clarify that at no time did the CEO of Xiaomi mention any delay in their plans due to the economic loss suffered, so we can assume that they will remain on track. In short, Xiaomi is betting on the entry of 5G technology, with which they will be able not only to improve the demand of their Smartphones but also that of all their Internet services, since the Asian giant has a variety of online services, among which we can mention movies and music transmission for approximately 220 million users, a quite considerable number.

Xiaomi interview

Again Lei Jun, added the following to reinforce the plans on 5G:

In China, the acceptance rate of smartphones is extremely high. But I think we’re on the eve of 5G. I think that when 5G phones start to be popular, China’s general demand will recover.

Xiaomi continues its expansion all over the world

The company maintains a fervent rhythm regarding their expansion, since they are located in around 80 countries and regions, being the old continent, one of its key points, although at this point, the United States remains outside these plans and many theorize that it is due to the commercial war that exists between China and the US, so Xiaomi stays out of this market, at least as far as physical stores are concerned.

Xiaomi store

Redmi now will work independently from Xiaomi

With the arrival of the Redmi Note 7, the company officially announced that Redmi will now work completely independently of them, so from now on, all their products and work operations will be differentiated. There are currently 3 brands, Mi for high-end smartphones, Redmi for low-budget devices and Poco for the most affordable.

Xiaomi Redmi


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