Xiaomi LeFan Back, a massager cushion for 529 yuan ($76)

Xiaomi and its affiliated companies never rest when it comes to producing home appliances, and this is the time when the Xiaomi LeFan Back is presented, a product that is especially innovative and that has been launched by Xiaomi. Massage seats have existed for quite some time, however, there had never been a chair, or more specifically, a massager cushion for the chair.

Xiaomi LeFan Back, the massager cushion

The Xiaomi LeFan Back has a system of rotating heads that produce a 3D massage, both heads have different dimensions and strength, which are used to simulate a massage performed with real fingers in order to ensure an exceptional experience. In addition, it has three modes for massage, ranging from massages to the lower back, full back massage, and massage at a fixed point. The duration of the massage is completely configurable, to adapt to the different types of back and its curvatures.

Xiaomi LeFan Back

The heads of the Xiaomi LeFan Back use a technology called PTC to warm up quickly and have a more natural massage, in order to improve blood circulation. All this is possible thanks to a system of motors that provide the necessary energy to the heads, which can be regulated thanks to a very simple and intuitive remote control.

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